3D-printed Bugatti brake capable of stopping the car at the speed of 400 km/h

The company Bugatti, which produces high-speed vehicles with a distant, 1909, is always trying to use cutting-edge technology. This is logical, since the increase in power the issue of security is particularly acute. In early 2018, the company announced the release printed on a 3D printer brake calipers that can stop a car at high speed. They are still not unveiled, but the company published the “fire” video with a simulation of such inhibition.

Тормозная скоба Bugatti

On the video simulates braking at speeds of 400 km/h. Not surprisingly, at the peak of its work, the disc and the brake caliper is hot right up to 1025 degrees Celsius and gave off a flame and a bunch of sparks. It is believed that the ability to brake at such a high speed as a positive effect on the manoeuvrability of vehicles and their safety for the driver and passengers.

On-road cars the Bugatti with such a high speed and a powerful braking system will be extremely rare. The fact that printed on a 3D printer, the braking system will be installed only on hypercar Bugatti Chiron. It was he who in 2017 accelerated to speeds of 400 km/h for half a minute. Just think — the car accelerates to 100 km/h in just 2.4 seconds! It is so good that LEGO have gathered from your abs, it a working copy.

Bugatti is part of the concern Volkswagen, but the new brakes in other cars should not wait. Shaping and polishing of titanium with four lasers takes 45 hours. The manufacturer is ready to do it for cars valued at several million dollars, but not for conventional models. The purpose of Bugatti in the near future — to speed up production to such an extent that a 3D-printed brake can be used in cheap cars.

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