3D printer cause the imprisonment of a man in Australia

طابعة 3D تتسبب بسجن رجل في استراليا

Know a guy from Sydney airs industry areas by three-dimensional printer market, after that he made his gun completely identical to the original. The man says he did not know that his hobby this may take to travel, though he made just to keep for decoration!

You may know Cessna sun “Sicen Sun,” a 28-year-old for the match, after that the presentation of the gun which made it for a million Australian dollars, to one of the groups data exchange via Facebook. The sun imprisonment for a period of time for the use of his three-dimensional printer for the manufacture of handguns and firearms without a permit, possession of a pistol without a license.

As regretted what he did in front of the court and a description of what stature he was free and stupid and naive, knowing the delayed consequences of what he had done, while he was dealing with industry as design for decoration as his lawyer.

It is noteworthy that the Federal Court in the United States has imposed the Law of prevention and education outline of the nature of the weapons for printers three-dimensional online. She also said to grant Devin photo Detroit published its plans in more than 21 States in the country.

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