3D printers will allow to print the juicy steaks from the comfort of home

After the success of the food industry in the manufacture of artificial meat for burgers, pork, artificial and even artificial chicken, technology is ready to move on. Of course, the “factory” production of artificial meat is still in the growth, but the technology is ready to become available for the General consumers. For example, the development of the 3D printing it will be possible to print a great steak house.

Artificial meat wins the market

According to the publication The Guardianprinted meat may be included in a menu of French restaurants next year, since the technology is directly approached on the return to using natural products. And for several years specifically created for meat production printers are likely to be available for purchase and ordinary people.

As meat is created on a 3D printer?

The meat itself can be made either from vegetable matter or from animal cells, grown in a lab. The printer uses ingredients that are pumped into a special cartridge. It turns out that something like the well-known Nespresso capsules for coffee production.

The transition to a meat on a 3D printer will have huge environmental benefits. The main benefit of switching to alternative meat is the future of our planet. We all love meat, but we don’t have enough resources to produce it. Cows need lots of water, lots of food and a large area for content. said co-founder and CEO of Israeli firms to Redefine the Meat Eshchar Ben-Sheetrit

The reduction in beef production would lead to a huge reduction in carbon emissions and a much smaller clearing wild countryside for grazing. Other types of meat, such as pork and fish, also require huge resources for production.

The health benefits are also substantial. If you eat meat, there are a number of substances, which is hardly useful. But if you do the meat of the plant components or the grown cells, then the meat will not be the same cholesterol.

So such products would be attractive to vegetarians. Poorer countries, where the traditional meat too expensive for most people, will also benefit over time. How do you feel about the prospects for the use of artificial meat? Please share your opinion in our chat in Telegram.

3D printer to print meat. From ordinary in appearance, it differs little

Redefine Meat will supply its “vegetable meat” in restaurants throughout Europe from the beginning of 2020. The products will initially be more expensive than conventional meat, but over time the price will drop, because the 3D printing of meat is improving quickly. Last month another Israeli firm, Aleph Farms, printed meat is made from muscle cells of a cow. The cost price of this product, according to representatives of the Aleph Farms, comparable with the natural product.

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Back to the capsules for a 3D printer I want to note that they contain in their composition is something like a very thick paste that in the printing process hardens and turns into a realistic steak or chicken. Salmon, lamb, and pork, such capsules will be used in restaurants in the near future. And repeated not only the texture but also the taste.

Technology is closely watched in the food industry. A number of researchers argues that the potential market for 3D printing of meat can be overwhelming. We have seen a sharp growth of popularity of imitation meat for vegans. Now it is very popular and in demand product. And the window for industrial purposes, 3D printers are now quite affordable price. So why is 3D prinetr print artificial meat needs to wait for another fate?

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