4 Apps help you to monitor the devices your kids and

Company refers company Kaspersky Lab, specialized in the field of information security that 38% of parents in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa can not control the devices their children, or content that they see on the internet, which may expose them to certain risks.

These include the risk found not appropriate content, or becoming a victim of online shopping, or share private data with others without a purpose, where he says more than half of the children between the ages of six and nine use the internet on a daily basis.

Include app stores, many apps that help you in protecting your child while using cell phones or tablet computers. Offer you today the 4 Apps to help you protect your children while allowing them to enjoy texting and social media games within the limits of the appropriate, such as helping you control your phones and your kids through your phone, in addition to surveillance and control in what they do while using advantage screen time screen time.

The following are 4 Apps to help you on the areas your kids and in which:

1. application of Mobicip:

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The application is considered Mobicip’s parental control application is the most popular because of the features help you to create a secure internet for your family, it is account Mobicip one you can use up to 30 filter to ensure what your kids watch on the internet, track and manage time spent by a child in using the application, or the device itself, and track their geographical location, view browsing history on many phones, tablets, and computers, all remotely from any computer or mobile device.

The app records screen shots from your child’s device periodically so you can see what they’re doing, from all the texts and instant messages sent by your child and receive pictures and even reviewed, or pick up his phone, or share it with anyone.

The application supports also monitor keywords that you send to your child or them like: “Don’t tell”, or “home alone” or “what is your phone number” and send alerts to you, there is no doubt that this is a great way to protect your children from the service website, or development, and you can add your keywords and phrases to the list control.

The app lets you participate in the free trial version for a week, then choose from among several plans to participate, there is a monthly subscription for $ 5. just to protect up to 5 devices, or an annual subscription for $ 40. protect 5 devices, while the protection of 10 devices will be your monthly $ 9, and yearly $ 90.

The app is available for users of Android devices on store Google Play, to lose the iPhone and iPad via the App Store.

2 – application AppLock:

I don’t think the application AppLock apps parental control, but you can use this app to close any app on the phone of your child so that he can’t access it only when you enter right passcode.

This app does not require a lot of steps for its preparation; only just an email address check, also includes a dedicated section called the Vault to secure sensitive information such as: documents or pictures if your child uses your phone.

The app is available for free to users of Android devices only store and Google Play, but users of iOS they can adjust the parental control features (Restrictions) built-in devices iPhone and iPad.

3 – applied Offtime:

4 تطبيقات تساعدك على المراقبة والتحكم في أجهزة أطفالك

Lets you applied Offtime lock individual applications, or lock your kid’s phone completely for a specific time period, this will help you to lock apps social networking and games while performing their homework.

The app lets you lock applications on the phones of your children a specific time every day. For example, if the time of eating lunch at 4 pm every day, you can lock all the apps on the phones of your children at that time every day to encourage them to eat with the family.

The app is available for users of Android devices on store Google Play, to lose the iPhone and iPad via the App Store.

4. application of Qustodio:

Provides you to apply Qustodio simple tools to manage time children use their phones, as well as filter content, and monitor or block applications that they use, as that the best what sets it apart is the command to send automatic reports on the activities of children online as soon as you install it.

The most important characteristic of this app is a feature panic button; which allows for your child to reach you quickly when you need to help you, so send you application the whereabouts of your child when he presses the icon of the panic button by using a Global Positioning System (GPS) on the phone of your child.

The app is available for free to users of Android devices on store Google Play, to lose the iPhone and iPad via the App Store.

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