4 Apps to help you learn something useful every day

You might say many of the applications of smart phones wasting time, but it was certainly also able to expand our knowledge and our awareness, where they are able to teach us and inspiring us, which is why we offer you today 4 featured apps that help you learn something useful every day.

1) Curiosity

This app does not require only 5 minutes a day to provide you with a wealth of tremendous facts and information, stunning related to the world around us.

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2) Blinkist

Often suffer from lack of available time we have a day of reading, and why does this app provide snippets of facts and topics of several of the summary is easy to read or listen to him in just 15 minutes.

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3) Dictionary.com

This helps you App learn an English word a new day, it also enables you to search for the definitions of various words, including simple and complex ones.

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4) Duolingo

This application offers the famous experience a very special language to learn in a few minutes a day, where he is using different examples, he says practice on the use of different words in several locations to help in learning many foreign languages.

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