4 concepts common technique you must not believe her

Maybe I heard once that a computer Mac will not infect any malware at all, or close the apps will only prolong battery life, or browse websites in incognito may hide your identity completely, and many other technical concepts that have been proven untrue or exaggerated, and here we will explain you the concepts and other technology you should stop believe her right now.

Here are the 4 concepts common technique you should not believe them:

1 – can’t track you if GPS is available:

There is the concept says: it’s in the case of a stop feature (GPS) in the phone, can’t track it, but this concept is not true; because even if you stopped the feature (GPS) in your phone, it is still tracking your possible, due to the phone connection of the permanent towers of the network and, using this data, you can know your location easily.

Where did researchers at Princeton University a few years ago developed an application called (PinMe) who proved that the phone’s location can be determined using only the sensor of the phone, through the app collects details, such as: data Compass from the phone’s Gyroscope, the direction of travel of the accelerometer on the phone, and then became to locate your phone on a map very easy, and to avoid this you must turn off the phone fully.

2 – let your phone battery go down to zero before recharging:

Years ago, suffered Nickel-Cadmium batteries from a problem known as the (effect memory) memory effect, i.e., in principle, if not the uniqueness of these batteries fully each time you use it, you are able to quickly which affects the lifespan.

But now this is no longer the case with the batteries (lithium ion) lithium-ion, which does not need to impose to zero before recharging, so check batteries (lithium-ion) are able, with cycles of frequent charging, so when you start your phone battery now drain its energy quickly, we must get rid of them, and get a new battery.

3. the network signals full means the best connection:

If you see signs of the internet in your phone to complete, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the best connection to the network or the speed is perfect in the transfer of data, too often we see the signals of the entire network in our phones, but we still suffer slow internet interruptions in voice calls.

Where show the signals existing in your phone the strength of the signals that it receives from the nearest tower and call for you, but at the same time do not represent the power of the network or the speed of data transfer, so if there are a lot of people connected to the tower the same direction, it is likely that you will face problems in the network in spite of the completeness of the signal lines contact in your phone.

4. any application of the anti-virus will protect your computer from all types of malicious software:

Help anti-virus programs protect you from viruses and malware, however, can not apply anti-virus that makes your computer is perfectly protected from malware, where you can not only install the application a good anti-virus and start download file the unknown, believing that the software will protect your computer fully.

There are two major threats that can’t develop anti-virus alone to protect your computer from them, first: any new virus appears online, the third: a malicious program able to control your entire computer.

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