4 facts about Bitcoin Gold, which you probably didn’t know

Did you hear about the fork of Bitcoin, which was introduced in 2017? Bitcoin Gold created to confront the monopoly of the largest manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain and to be resistant to ASIC miners — many people know about it. However, there are some facts that you probably never heard of.

Believe it or not, once Bitcoin Gold was in the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Now it only takes 42 place in the ranking on Coinmarketcap.

Rate graph Bitcoin Gold. Source: CoinMarketCap

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The name Bitcoin Gold was chosen randomly

Last week, cryptocurrency information resource Bitcoinist talked to Alejandro Regojo, one of the founders of the Bitcoin Gold. The journalist was mostly interested to know, where did such a name. Many believe that the name was chosen specifically to associate the project with the first and largest cryptocurrency with Bitcoin. But it’s not.

It’s just a name. It seemed to us that it sounds good, and we were not trying to create an Association with either gold or Bitcoin.

Gold. Source: Bitcoinist

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Its Creator, Satoshi Nakamoto

There is another curious fact, which has been detected in the process of studying the project before the interview. The project changed the position of one of the creators of Alejandro Regojo with co-founder on the developer.

And although the official website of Bitcoin Gold, he is still a co-founder, he is not very comfortable to be in this role. His team this idea is also not in spirit. In fact, they attributed the creation of the project to him, although the fundamental idea of the project lies in the fact that the cryptocurrency wanted to see Satoshi Nakamoto is the true Creator of Bitcoin.

Dorian Nakamoto. Source: Bitcoinist

As noted above, initially the BTG was created as hardwork Bitcoin in 2017. The main task was to restore fair competition in the mining sector, by transforming the existing monopoly Bitmain. While Regojo pays particular attention to the fact that unlike Cash, Bitcoin or Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Gold never compete with Bitcoin. They just “tried to create a cryptocurrency that everyone could mine with a GPU”.

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Bitcoin Gold never paid for a listing

Bitcoin Gold has managed to win its own market, even despite the many attacks directly after it is created, including a DDOS attack during the initial fork. Regojo says, “people just understood the importance of what he was doing with his team”.

Source: 2Биткоина

So why the project failed to stay in the top 5? Because Bitcoin is Gold too fundamentally adheres to its policy of never paying for a mention in the media and listing on the stock exchanges.

We are present on a hundred cryptomeria and still is in the top 100 crypto currency by market capitalization. And yet for all the listings are paid as much as paid the Creator of Bitcoin — that is zero. I think we are the only project from the first hundred, who paid for a listing and no one publication in the media.

BTG, many developers working on Bitcoin

Regojo and many developers also make a contribution to the development of a network of Bitcoin. According to Regojo, he just wants the world has always been choice and there was always some alternatives. So Bitcoin was an alternative Vietnam money, Gold and Bitcoin and any other crypto currency was an alternative to Bitcoin.

I’m not a Bitcoin maximalist. Rather, I consider the top 100 cryptocurrencies as a new generation of startups. Probably 90 percent of them will fail later, but many will succeed. Most importantly, to let people know that they always have plenty to choose from.

Source: 2Биткоина

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