4 features in the browser Samsung Internet pay you to switch to in Android

If you are using a smartphone running the operating system Android, you’ll see that the browser (Google Chrome) Google Chrome is the default web browser in your phone, however if you have a Galaxy phone by Samsung, you may have to use a browser (Samsung’s Internet) Samsung Internet.

Where it comes installed by default in all models Samsung phones and organs of the tablet, as it is available to download for free in the Google Play Store for any phone running Android, also supports many features that make it a great alternative to the browser Google Chrome, should you switch?

The following are the 4 features in the browser Samsung Internet pay you to switch to in Android:

1 – having the control bar at the bottom:

Needs a browser (Samsung’s internet) on the bar controls in the page at the bottom of the screen which is the appropriate location for web browsers, especially in smart phones, unlike the controls in Google Chrome located in the top of the screen.

Where you find it easy to browse the web using one hand, especially in phones with big screens, such as: Galaxy S20, as you can also customize the control bar through the Settings icon directly at the bottom of the screen, which is something not provided by the Google Chrome browser.

2. the built-in tool for blocking ads:

Featuring browser Samsung built-in tool to block ads which is very good and you can configured easily so that you can block more content in the screen, unlike Google’s Chrome browser, which allows the same tool to block ads, but the process of their preparation is a complex and difficult some thing.

3 – mode speed:

Contains (mode Secret) Secret mode in the browser (Samsung’s internet) to the safer options of mode (Incognito) Incognito mode in Google Chrome, with features, such as: anti-tracking to prevent web sites from tracking you across the web, securing the browser by fingerprint or facial recognition to prevent people to see your browsing history.

4 – customizing features in the browser Samsung Internet according to your desire:

Offers browser (Samsung’s internet) a lot of features that you can customize to drag your desire, like: turn off videos automatically by default, and the possibility of moving the slider to the left or hide it completely.

The option of the scanner QR code, switch to open URL links in other applications, in addition to the ease of preparation and the size of the font when browsing, and the appearance of the tabs under the address bar, you can also change the default search engine to any other search engine of your choice.

Also supports Dark Mode to full, which not only converts the interface of the browser to the dark color, but it can also modify the appearance of web sites to make it also dark.

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