4 inventions that will change the world, according to see Bill Gates

No different two that the founder Bill Gates Microsoft is the giant one who have changed the world over the past years. But I don’t want gates that limited his role on what he did as the founder and CEO of Microsoft.

After leaving his position as Executive Director of the company didn’t get the gates for the poor support and the support of a number of technology projects that exist in the world. In this article four of those projects which he thinks gates they’re able to change the world to a better place according to what was published by myself in the journal American time.

Three MetaFridge to save vaccines

Vaccines suffer a lot around the world, but to save them so that they do not explain is not easy, therefore the inventors at the Seattle design three called MetaFridge capable of keeping the vaccines so that they do not spoil even after a period of interruption of the power source. The idea was to rely on the freezing of vaccines that don’t spoil after a short period of interruption of the power source, and its developer now on three Mobile for of shipping vaccines to children in remote places.

Genetic modification

Think Bill Gates that genetic modification is great, they reduce the number of possibilities and the possibilities possible when processing diseases and their prevention through genetic modification. The example mentioned gates is the disarmament of the army, which allows the mosquito to transfer the disease malaria, with also mentioned that it’s possible the people are moving through these amendments. Certainly not everyone agrees with gates in this opinion.

The conversion of solar energy into fuel

Think gates to access to a renewable source of energy not relying on the fuel non-renewable is something that needs to research a lot of directions. In the coefficient of Caltech found the gates to the research that they do methods smart can give hope that they one day access to the miracle and convert solar energy into fuel. It certainly sounds crazy but you have to think that a lot of things now existing seemed crazy before.

Artificial intelligence

It was definitely from the fact the emergence of artificial intelligence in the list of gates, men the artificial intelligence is one of the techniques that are possible to change a lot of aspects of our lives soon. Certainly there will be many challenges especially in the beginning but it is undeniable that everyone has a lot of hopes on what can be offered by artificial intelligence for human life.

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