4 points must be observed to write the biography in a manner characteristic

No doubt that the resume file is considered the most important factors that qualify you to get a good job, because it is considered as presentation silent to your skills and your achievements in front of the officials and personnel of companies that want to join to work on.

If you write the resume file professionally, it enhances your opportunity to move to the last stage in the selection of candidates, a job interview, if your resume is not up to the required level, it will end up the center of many files rejected.

Resume should be simple and concise, taking into account included the most important points that distinguish you, so you can attract the attention of the responsible personnel during the short time in which to review all files of applicants for the job.

1 – distinguish your resume as a file:

It is very important take into account writing your CV well structured, as well as also choose a simple design and fun, where you must choose a suitable template to your current job, and the job that you want to join, and the quality of the companies that you want to work with.

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If you don’t have the technical ability to design a special template for your resume, you can rely on ready-made templates offered by Microsoft Word, or Google Docs, where you can choose one of the templates appropriate to you, and change.

You can also use some websites such as: Resume.io, and Novoresume, and other sites that provide design templates attractive files biography.

If you have the skill necessary to communicate with design software, you may prefer the design of the resume file on your own, without the use of ready templates, in all cases, keep in mind that the quality of the format and design your resume will help you to bypass the stage of sorting out candidates easily.

2. pay attention to paragraph opening:

You should submit the file of biography and a brief about you and your experience and job, so as to attract the attention of the responsible personnel, without dwelling on the details, where he can get the rest of the details later during the job interview.

Always try to use persuasive language and simple, to encourage the responsible personnel to come forward, and the rest of the resume file.

3 – What is the most important difference?

Probably won’t say responsible personnel to read all the files biography in full, but will read the main points mentioned in it, looking for any characteristic Points you pay for a job interview.

So it is very important to include the most important of your achievements, and your skills are represented in the upper part of each section in the file, because this part of each section is the most likely reading when you save the eye in charge between the sections of the file.

Always try to focus on the most important achievements in previous jobs, and major projects that have contributed to its success, the most important skills that helped you in that, and avoiding mention of details is important.

4 – last revision:

Remained one final task after you have finished the design of your resume as a file , coordinate, and review all the details, where you should check everything I wrote to make sure that it is free of spelling and grammar.

Also, make sure the consistency of the sections of the file, and if you include links to web pages, make sure they are routing correctly, preferably in audit, several hours after the finished design file and coordinated; ensure the audit with a clear head.

Underestimate the simple mistakes; for it is possible to leave a negative impression have responsible personnel, and may exclude your file because of it.

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