4 products technique has become missing after the advertised

Over the past years, there are a number of technical products, who resigned while proclaiming with great enthusiasm, but we’re still waiting for her even now, here are the most notable:

1) tablet Courier

After a series of prototypes and more than 130 people working on it, it was supposed to launch Microsoft this tablet in 2008, the screen 7 inch, Camera, Pen, Digital, and wireless charging and windows, with the programs office, was to settle on the market of tablets undoubtedly.

After an internal dispute, I stopped the Microsoft developed the tablet in 2010, and returns the company to the market tablets only through the surface 2012.

2) Phone Google ARA

Ask Motorola the idea of system units in the world of smart phones 2013, why buy a new phone for the screen and battery and a better camera instead of replacing any of the components of your phone with the best?

Supported Google this idea strongly after its acquisition of Motorola even announced the project Telephone units ARA in 2014, but the difficulty of breathing made her keep up on the project in 2016.

3) phone SayGus V2

Announced phone SayGus V2 World Conference for 2015, with 21 maps fingerprint reader and two external memory screen 5 inch battery 3,100 mAh water resistance IPx7 which is amazing advantages for smart phones in this period.

The company the developer to provide an advance request for$ 500 for months, and then delayed 3 years, still waiting for some phone access.

4) of platform Video Games The Phantom

Company promised infinite fees to launch your video games Phantom beats the plastation 2 and Xbox in 2003, and was talking about the PC option to download games from the internet for a monthly subscription charge of$ 10 to be the price of the device is$ 400, but the device didn’t show up, and in 2006 it the company from its website.

Recall that a six station wagon of the Company The launched in 2015 with the same idea almost.

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