4 reasons due to which Photos correspond to the title of the best gallery on Android

There is no doubt that Google Photo is one of the best and most powerful applications in the Arsenal of Google. Moreover, it leverages the capabilities of AI for organizing and cataloging your photos, it also provides its users with unlimited cloud storage for most of these photos (compressed), as well as a large set of built-in editing tools — all completely free.

However, as much as we love Google Photos, its many possibilities still there’s something missing. Here we decided to talk about four simple, but very handy feature, not a popular app, but Google could have a long time to add them, but for some unknown reason did not do it.

Saving to the device memory of multiple files

In most cases, when you publish a photo in Instagram or other social networks, you choose the images that have been made recently. Thus, these images are already stored in the internal memory of your phone, and upload them to social network is quite simple.

However, if you want to publish old photos — photos that are currently stored on your phone and in the cloud, everything becomes more difficult. Google Photos allows you to easily upload photos from the cloud storage, but only one at a time. If you want to upload more than one photo, you need to use the app for PC.

In short, to upload multiple photos to your phone from Google Photos, you must do one of the following:

  • Go to the cloud from your computer and upload all the photos in a ZIP file. Transfer this file to your phone and unzip.
  • Use the mobile app and upload each photo individually.

Naturally, both these options are not ideal. Personally I do not understand what the difficulty for Google to let its users download from the cloud to your smartphone more than one photo at a time.

Changing photo information directly on the smartphone

The Google Photo does an excellent job of organizing photos. It is able not only to organize the files by date, location, Exif data, camera and many other parameters, but also knows how to use machine learning to classify the photos by who is in them, what objects are depicted, or even what Pets are in the picture.

The bad news is that using the mobile app, you will not be able to change even a part of this information.

In the desktop version of Photo can be quite easy to change the date and location , linked to the photo, but on mobile devices to do that for some reason can not. Although a situation when you need to change the date/location attached to the photo, does not happen so often, it would be nice to have the opportunity.

For example, the location of the photo, if you are traveling, you can change specific “VDNH, Moscow and Red square, Moscow” to a more General “Moscow”. Or you can change the date pictures taken on your birthday so that it appears in the Photo on the day of your actual birthday, not 2:00 am the next day.

Very strange that Google allows these preferences on the computer, but not on a mobile device, as making changes on the fly, it would certainly be useful, especially for professional photographers and bloggers-travelers.

Removing a person from shared photo album

In life anything can happen, and we’ve all had relationship issues. You can break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend (wife or husband), or for one reason or another to lose a friend. This is never easy, but it happens.

In this case, what will you do if you have with this person is a shared album? You may think that just going to the cloud and remove the person from the album, but unfortunately it’s not that simple.

When you are with someone you share the album, you simply give that person a link to the album. For this reason, at the moment there is no easy way to remove someone from a shared album in the way you expect it. That is the one you remove will no longer see the files in this album, but will be able to see the album.

The only two ways to remove a man from the album:

  • To block human access to the contents of the album. It works both on desktop and on mobile devices, but if someone has a link to the album, he would still be able to see all its contents, if you use incognito mode in Chrome.
  • Use heavy artillery. If the first option does not suit you, then the next thing you can do is turn off sharing for the whole album. Because of this, all users with whom you previously shared the link to the album will no longer have access to it. To share the album again, you will need to create a link and give it to all participants. What’s worse, using this method, any photos shared by other users on this album, now will disappear, including any comments that have been left behind.

Neither of these options is perfect. Fortunately, Google is aware of this issue and already working on a fix. What is the correction and when it will be available is still unknown.

Search in Google Drive of all photos in original quality

Google to all its users, it allows a free download in Google Photos, so many photos and videos as they need. But the catch is that these photos and videos are especially compressed to reduce the file size. After this procedure, the files become, as she says Google, “high quality” and not “original quality” as before, when they are in full resolution stored on the phone.

Fortunately, if there is such a need, you can upload some photos and videos to Google Photos in original quality. However, these files will occupy space in your cloud storage Google Drive and to exhaust the available memory quota. If you exceed this quota, you will have to pay for additional storage or delete files to free up space.

If you find yourself in this situation, you will not be able to view a list of these “original quality”files in your music library. The only thing you can do is go to “Settings” Google Photos on the computer and choose the option “Restore vault”, which will find all files in original quality and compress them, thereby freeing up space.

However, you will not be able to know what are these files. If you have photos or videos you want to keep the original quality?

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