4 security measures to help small businesses to secure their websites

The security of web sites is must for every company and developer and blogger must take into account, where there is a wrong idea claims that small businesses do not have to worry about securing their sites as often as do large companies, but statistics have proven that this idea is completely wrong.

The latest data show that 43% of cyber attacks targeting the websites of small businesses and 14% of them only have measures of the security of electronic strong to help them to face these attacks. It was also agreed that these attacks cost small and medium businesses losses ranging from 84 thousand, 148 thousand dollars per accident breakthrough.

Small businesses need to keep up with its competitors, put new products and services quickly to improve their success, in this context, the use of digital tools – notably websites – is essential in enabling collaboration, project management and planning, interaction with customers, should operate these tools properly, and to be completely safe.

A small business should research about the best ways to keep your site secure against hackers, more junk mail, to secure its data and data customers who use the website.

The following are 4 security measures to help small companies secure their sites:

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1 – do the validation of multiple factors:

Think (authentication multifactor) Multi-Factor Authentication is a good way used by companies to maintain the safety of users log on to the website.

Prevent this way the customers access only after submission of proof of the identity of one or more of the guide to the authentication mechanism, which is designed to protect against the theft of credentials, the company uses the methods and sources varied depending on the position.

After you enable multi-factor authentication, the hackers difficult to break into accounts used by employees or customers, the reason is that they don’t have access to their servers to get the code to confirm identity.

2. Create a backup copy of the website:

4 تدابير أمنية تساعد الشركات الصغيرة في تأمين عملائها

You need all sites to develop an emergency plan; to deal appropriately with the problems Snap, such as: the occurrence of any cyberattack, or interruption of service, the goal is to restore the site to the primary web, and databases associated with it, and for normal functioning as quickly as possible.

You must have your company car backup strict for all major databases, where emphasizes the best practices in this regard must be taken of more of the backup servers, multiple global, even if the core database in your area, you can move the work to another quickly.

3 – the use of the word control:

Apart from the use of multi-factor authentication, you can also use a CAPTCHA to weed out bots that attack websites, there are many mysteries of the CAPTCHA that you can set them up for people who are trying to log in.

4 – encrypt the customer’s data:

4 تدابير أمنية تساعد الشركات الصغيرة في تأمين عملائها

The activation of the protection protocol SSL on the website that allows you to protect transactions over the internet, by maintaining the confidentiality of data during transmission across the sites through consultation, in other words will be the customer’s data invisible to hackers.

A lot of people use the internet via Wi-Fi networks generally unreliable, perhaps unsafe, making their personal data available to anyone, but with the use of SSL encryption, can decrypt the stolen data.

Using a protection protocol SSL; you protect customer data flowing between the server and the browser client, but this does not prevent the Pirates from trying to sneak into the backend systems, stealing information directly from the source, for this reason it is necessary also the presence of encryption tools to protect databases, servers your.

Unlikely to allow you hosting service at first to install security software in your server, but you should ask questions about the Security options that you will get them, before subscribing to a hosting service, where you must encrypt the database tables, to protect e-mail addresses, phone numbers, passwords, and credit card numbers.

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