4 settings must be changed to speed up Windows 10

The default Windows 10 operating system settings do not necessarily give the user the best performance, and here we look at the settings that can be changed easily to speed up Windows 10 and get the best performance.

Power settings

On the laptop, Windows 10 selects the balance mode in the power settings by default, and this mode means that you do not get the best possible performance to save battery consumption. Therefore, if you want to accelerate performance, you must do a high performance mode, and this is recommended in the case the laptop is connected to a charger, as the mode is known to consume power quickly. You can access the power modes settings by pressing the Windows key, then typing the word “Control Panel”, then entering the system and security settings, then power options, and then choosing the high performance mode.

Disabling aesthetic effects

تسريع ويندوز 10

When you open a program or file that takes a fraction of a second to create an animation, such as minimizing or maximizing the window, you can cancel these effects. This speeds up Windows 10 while browsing and moving between applications. To do so, press the Windows key and then type in the word sysdm.cpl to open System Properties or System Properties, then click on Settings in front of the Performance or Performance option in the Advanced tab, and then choose Adjust for best performance.

Remove the Bluetooth device

Programs that you do not use permanently turn into so-called "bloatware" because they burden the system, and not only programs that you install, but programs that come within the Windows system itself. To get rid of these programs, press the Windows key and search for the word Add or Remove Programs and choose the search result, in the window a list of all programs on the computer will appear, the program that you recognize that you do not need, press it and then choose Uninstall or Uninstall until it is deleted, Do not do this for programs that you do not recognize because some of them are important to the operation of the system.

Limit startup programs

4 إعدادات يجب تغييرها لتسريع ويندوز 10

Many of the installed programs are launched while the computer is running, and they cause a long time between entering a password and entering the desktop, so if you want to speed up Windows 10 during the launch process, you can see a list of these programs and cancel the programs that you do not want to run while opening Computer by clicking on the Windows key, then searching for the word Startup Apps and entering the search result.

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