4 signs that reveal you know your computer hacked


With the progress of the major technology that we live in currently, has become hackers hackers have sophisticated technology to help them to penetrate the devices also, the time required for means of security and protection at the same time, the following is monitor a range of information that can help users to know if their personal devices had been hacked as no, as follows:

– Slow device surprisingly

One of the side effects of malware is a slow hardware, where it becomes the user’s PC slow and abrupt and frequent, and may be subject to continuous, which means that the device is infected with viruses or trojans.

– The consumption of the internet more than usual

If you notice the user’s consumption of the bunch the internet more than usual, or maybe some of the users who possess the tools and special programs to calculate the rate of consumption monthly, in the case of the discovery of the high consumption of the internet more than usual, despite the lack of any change in the use patterns of the user of the internet, it often means that compromised.

– Stop the software abruptly

In the case of the cessation of some programs suddenly stop working, it means that the operating system of the user, has been one of the viruses, which may result also disables anti-virus program or task manager or other.

– The emergence of pop-up ads

Also among the signs of intrusion is the appearance of pop-up ads, or references or web tests don’t want the user to its main screen, where can this ads install more malicious programs on the user’s device.

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