4 steps to help businesses build strategies artificial intelligence effective

We all know; and the extent of the impact of modern technologies – such as: artificial intelligence, andmachine learning, andInternet of things, etc. – all areas of work, where they pass most of the jobs in the companies in the stages of development of the fast development with automation, and artificial intelligence techniques new.

According to assess the PWC; it will be the impact of artificial intelligence on our world is greater than the effect of the advent of the internet, the applications and potential of this emerging technology has no limits, where used to improve the marketing for Personalized Marketing, personnel screening and selection, the development of products smarter collect and analyse data easily, and even automate customer service.

Started techniques, and artificial intelligence systems require very quickly during the recent period, it has appeared in every aspect of businesses both large companies, or medium and small, as has become the A large number of executives are realizing that artificial intelligence has the ability to change everything about the way traditional management companies, but what he doesn’t know a lot of business leaders is how to build strategies artificial intelligence is effective throughout the company, so that they can get the highest value from them, as well as obtain a strong competitive advantage that will help them in the car on the market.

In spite of that; however, there are many market indicators clarify that all the leaders and members of the boards of Directors of old are still reluctant to adopt the strategies of artificial intelligence in their companies, and makes us wonder about being operations automation, and modern technology has started in the draw with experienced consultants, salaries, and associated with, the answer is: that so far there is no an advisory group, whatever the size, or his skills, or his salary can data collection and analysis, and providing recommendations fast customers quickly these techniques.

Can the members of the board of directors, and leaders who don’t believe it to look simply to develop areas such as: marketing, sales, and customer support of the Treaty on artificial intelligence, reliance on this new technology in any field is the next natural step, regardless of area, or industry that you want there are four basic steps to help it.

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The following are 4 steps to help businesses build strategies artificial intelligence effective:

1 – data:

Think building a strategy based on artificial intelligence on the use of machines and data to build better insights based on the results of value, instead of using people and spreadsheets. The main component here is the data, and in this case we are talking about data related to the strategy of the company, this includes traditional data such as: financial reports, performance stock, as well as alternative data that can take multiple forms, including: customer confidence, employee satisfaction, and leadership capacity, digital infrastructure, and much more.

In addition; it is important for companies to realize that the use of the techniques used by competitors, and large companies would not provide most of the advantages of artificial intelligence, but the focus on the technologies, the platforms that offer better performance is the most important, and that’s what many startups in the area at a lower cost.

2 – data analysis:

Once you collect the data relevant to the strategic goals of the institution, can start the journey of machine learning, this means that you will need to some people, intelligent people, to teach of intelligent machines how to think in a problem solving strategy, and the development of algorithms able to guide itself to change, and, when you get new sets of data.

The goal is to begin to detect the relationship between the data collected, the results that you want to access, so it is necessary to present the point of view of the projects that you’re working on businesses, because the view has become an essential component of approved projects on artificial intelligence. It will also help deep analysis of data to bridge the gap between data collection and potential outcomes that you wish to use them.

3 – Prediction:

As soon as he starts learning team automated the creation of algorithms to reflect the strategic goals, can help these algorithms in the detection of the relationship between employee satisfaction, customer, or between R & D, revenue growth. Whatever it is, before you can act upon this vision, you will need to make sure it is not just descriptive, but also a custom one.

One good way to do this is to check the data, and see if they do a good job to explain “what happens next”. For example it could be studied how it affects the company invested in new projects on the performance of its shares over the coming years.

4. Use recommendations:

Once you confirm the strength of the algorithms predictive of which team has developed machine learning, you’ll find a huge number of options without having a great deal of filtering, and priorities for service related product. A system will recommendations the process of sorting through a variety of options, and evaluation.

But you must bear in mind that the process of the transfer of products, services or operations will not be an easy task can be completed overnight, but it will help in reaching good results with the passage of time.

Applications can machine learning offer clear recommendations depend on the algorithms grouped, they can also identify changes that lead to the emergence of certain results.

When we think about the time frame of the general development strategy of artificial intelligence-effective and get the results of the initial, you should realize that there are some of the results will appear as gains quick – priorities short-term – and that will help in showing value, and the biggest blockbuster on artificial intelligence projects.

Moreover, it should be strategy that relies on artificial intelligence able to predict the impact of quantitative recommendations based on thousands of data points. Once you assess all alternative recommendations available, the cost or interest rates of each, can move forward in the implementation of the strategy based on the practical, effective steps.


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