4 technology skills essential must each staff member possess,


Experiencing different work environments a significant development, in particular with regard to its relationship to technology, considering most of the posts now on smart devices modern, so there are technical skills essential must every employee regardless of his position, to know it in order to use technology efficiently, and for some, it may be that the skills are simple, but for others who don’t know it will be useful and will help them in increasing productivity during their working hours, the following are some of those skills.

Use the search engines in advanced

Everyone knows how to use a search engine, but in business, you must use the search engines in a more advanced way, such as adding quotation marks and shortcuts that facilitate access to information, as a result, can save a lot of time and eliminate unwanted results from the beginning, in addition to the need to know how to distinguish between correct results and false.

بحث متقدمAdvanced search

How to backup data

No one knows when it will hang the computer or whether it will be exposed to the market, so it is always better to make a backup copy of important files or images or documents, in this way, you can prevent data loss, and you can also use the systems to the cloud to back up data such as “Dropbox, there are also some tools available on computers, such as Windows Backup or Apple Time Machine.

نسخ احتياطىBackup

Virus protection

You need to protect your computer from external attacks so you can protect sensitive data, so everyone should install anti-virus software on computers, and when you doing online shopping, you should be careful and check whether the site is trustworthy or not.

مكافحة الفيروساتAnti-virus

Network access your office from anywhere.

This is the responsibility of the Department of IT inside your company, most offices have a virtual network, which can be for their employees connect to it from anywhere, this way, you can use your time more effectively and even work from home on some days.

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