4 things expected to be announced through the event Galaxy Note 10

Waiting for the tech event Samsung (Galaxy Unpacked) which will be about series phones leading (Galaxy Note 10) Galaxy Note 10 with stylus.

The event will be held next Wednesday the 7th of August; in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York City, which is the same place that held the event company announced the release of the ninth of the series (Galaxy Note 9) last year.

Samsung also announced last week on her computer, the new tablet (Galaxy Tab S6), which is a strong competitor computer (iPad Pro) from Apple, and tried (Surface Pro) from Microsoft, a time of clear that Samsung compete this year strongly at all levels.

The rumors suggest that the phone (Galaxy Note 10) will maintain the basic design of the category Galaxy Note, With access to features (Galaxy S10), such as a front camera embedded in the screen itself, the camera background the tripartite lenses,; a fingerprint reader built-in under the screen.

The following are 4 things expected to be announced by Samsung during the Galaxy Note 10:

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1 – a phone (Galaxy Note 10):

4 أشياء من المتوقع الإعلان عنها خلال حدث هاتف Galaxy Note 10

Expected to learn Samsung about the two versions of its new phone Galaxy Note 10, version for the smaller screen of 6.3 inches, and the issuance of the larger screen of 6.8 inches, plus another version called 5G.

There is no doubt that for large screens like 6.8 inches approaching for monitors and tablets, but Samsung cut fantastic steps in relation to the proportion of the screen to the body in its phones leading.

Reports to support the Galaxy Note 10 camera background of the three lenses this time, including the camera’s wide-angle 16-megapixel camera found in the Galaxy S10, in addition to the camera depth sensor (ToF).

Expected to work phones (Galaxy Note 10) processor Snapdragon 855 Plus announced by Qualcomm two weeks ago, to be among the first phones that support this processor.

Also expected the presence of support for high-speed, increased capacity of batteries, and up the RAM capacity to 8 and 12 GB. But most of all is the new features supported by the stylus pen, as there are also conflicting reports about abandoning the headphone port of the traditional 3.5 mm.

2 – H Galaxy Watch Active 2:

ساعة Galaxy Watch Active 2

It’s been less than half a year since Samsung launched the first version of the H Galaxy Watch Active, but some reports indicate that the company is already ready to announce the second edition during the next event. And it will come in two sizes – 40 mm to 44 mm instead of the design 40 mm one just like the original version.

Furthermore; it is expected that this new version of the Galaxy Watch Active Directory with support for LTE, so that you can leave your phone at home when you go out to exercise.

3 – Galaxy Fold:

هاتف galaxy fold

Is expected to announce the Samsung during the event for more details about the time that will launch the phone by folding (Galaxy Fuld) Galaxy Fold officially on sale.

After the decision of Samsung to postpone the official launch of the phone (Galaxy Fuld) Galaxy Fold in order to address some of the shortcomings of the design, appear every week new information about the cancelled pre orders for the phone, however despite repeated rumors which claim that the Galaxy Fold will be called soon, didn’t specify the company’s launch date specific to the phone until now.

If this delay is longer, it has gotten to the launch date of the Galaxy Note 10 for sale before the Galaxy Fold, although the latter was announced by the company for the first time in late February.

4 – a new version of the Galaxy Home:

جهاز galaxy home

Samsung announced during last year’s event speakers home audio smartphone Galaxy Home, which includes her assistant voice-based artificial intelligence Bixby Bixby.

Expected to learn the company during this year’s event about the new version of the device, or support the old version with a number of new features such as granting voice assistant Bixby (Bixby) powers greater than ever, in addition to access (Samsung SmartThings) a substantial upgrade.

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