4 things that are required of phone Mi Mix 3 of Shawty

The company Shao Chinese to hide the details of her phone the next Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, the new phone series of mobile phones with screens full of giant company. And the new phone we have some of the details that we need from the next phone and we believe it will be the best phone of the former and perhaps achieve greater sales also, these are the things that we want.

Camera show from inside the phone

When it appeared Mi The Mix was probably the primary goal is to provide the idea of the phone that extends your full screen at any cost, this had a number of sacrifices including a front facing camera at a minimum what I paid phone to have one of the worst experiences filming selfie at all. But right now Shawty you don’t need to do all of this, I thought of the camera that show the mechanical movement from within the body of the phone has become the present.

Included phones already in the past months moving cameras prices appear when you open the front camera and after that, where she presented this technique all of the Vivo phone Nex ┘łOppo phone, Find X and maybe there’s a very good chance to meet them Shawty this technique which if it is not practical and would not have lived very long, but it will make your phone distinctive to a great extent.

Available in more places

Definitely Shao didn’t up its phones to all places but the series Mi Mix specifically is less string vibrating Shawty are available in different places. Certainly we can -if the company provided telephone good – to be available in more countries and in more places around the world.

Distinctive design not copied

Although Shawty she wanted to provide a phone design characteristic only when I decided to launch Mi Mix it only for him or others the police don’t stop the tradition and always especially the women from the Apple company. And certainly nothing that can put the Mix series on the road to the right is a phone designed the original distinctive high quality non copied from Apple or others.

A crude version of the Android system

The interface of MiUI won’t be the favorites for each user, despite their advantages however, there are a lot of problems that may be it could destroy your hope of owning a crude version of the system Android , which bears the name of Android One. Featuring the raw fabric gorgeous lack of applications installed by default from the phone manufacturer.

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