4 tips to keep your privacy and data on Facebook

After the disclosure of the fact of acquisition of company data, “Cambridge analytica” Cambridge Analytica data of millions of users of the networking site the world famous “Facebook” Facebook without their knowledge, there have many concerns about how the privacy of their data on Facebook, the possibility of trading between companies without their knowledge to for the purposes of advertising or influence in the outcome of the election.

If you want to look some of these concerns, here are some steps that you can follow to maintain your privacy on Facebook.

(1) keep a copy of your data

Gives facebook the ability to download a copy of your data, go to Settings, and under Settings, General account General Account Settings, choose download a copy of Facebook data Download a copy of your Facebook Data, then press start my archive Start My Archive to start the download process.

This gives you the option to download an archive of all your activity on Facebook, including contributions published by, the messages that I sent, and even the advertisements you clicked on, so you can change the privacy settings in the account or delete what you want and you have a backup on your device.

(2) Change the privacy settings

Enter to the Settings Menu Settings of your Facebook account, and control who can see your posts, where it can be public seen by everyone Public or seen by friends only Friends, as well as who can send friend requests here, or look at your friends list, and most importantly whether search engines have access to profile “profile” Profile your.

(3) change the settings of the case and

In a similar context, specify whether people can publishing on sale Timeline your or not, as well as the reference to it in their Tag. Go to Settings, then choose timeline and the crown of Timeline and Tagging.

From here you can limit the power of publishing on the sale of your, and can see these posts, you can also choose to review posts that others tag you Tag, so you can test its appearance in the case of your or not.

(4) check your apps

According to the story The New York Times, the application on Facebook it is a way of “Cambridge analytica” to get users data, he has been specifically a test of personally collected data about Users and their friends, then the determined application by passing the data obtained to a data company.

Often ask Facebook users to approve access to a variety of data, which may lead to access problems later, and fortunately we can review the applications that we have used and delete them.

From the Settings menu Settings, tap apps Apps from the menu on the left, you’ll see all the applications that use them throughout your history on Facebook, and next to each application, you can click on the Edit Settings Edit Settings to see the data that allowed to investigate found them, you can click on remove Remove to check the app and delete it.

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