4 tips to tap your phone with the beginning of 2018

With the beginning of a new year, there are some things that you think about doing it in your phone, to get the best experience when using and avoid some possible risks. The New Year does not in itself impose changes, but it is a good opportunity to always do things that you previously make and do things that maybe will help you throughout the year. In this article four things we suggest you do it with your smartphone with the beginning of the New Year 2018.

Make a backup copy of your phone’s data

Always what we learn for data loss on phones and personal computers, and we For because we didn’t do a backup and use cloud services. With the beginning of the new year we must learn from our mistakes, and at least we store the data of the previous year the cloud or back it up on the personal computer the event of phone loss, or exposure of data to the survey for any reason.

There are a number of tools that gives you the possibility to make a backup copy of your files on Android With to facilitate the tasks to the fullest extent, in addition to team use Google Drive even the impossible to save the important files to the cloud continuously.

Also for some applications there are simple things you can do, for example you can raise talks WhatsApp on the Google Drive as a backup if survey data on the phone, and do memory easily when tension settings and connect your account to the app account Google your phone.

Interest safely your phone more

Security is one aspect that is neglected by a lot of users due to disregard or laziness, if you’re one who doesn’t care about the safely of their phones it is a new year to deal with the beginning of his interest safely your phone. There are a lot of tools and tips that you can Commission him to secure the phone bigger, and the tools that you can use is antivirus software and malware found on Google Play store, which comes some of the big companies in this field such as Kaspersky.

Get the most out of your phone

After spending vast sums to get a new phone, definitely will get the maximum benefit from them, and will help different applications to take advantage of the phone without additional costs, an artist of some applications that you can take advantage of them and use to organize many aspects of your life.

Also you can take advantage of the camera by getting apps featured camera, there are a large number of possible applications which differ in terms of advantages, but in the end provide great experiences to take pictures or videos using your Android phone.

Let your phone help to increase focus

It is important to use many of your phone as much as possible, it is also important not to make a reason to buy your, so don’t make the phone a smart buy during the spend important things or by spending times with your family, there are a number of tools that will help you to do so such as the application Clearlock which you can use for free after downloading from the Google Play Store, is one of the popular app which offers a unique between applications that do this job.

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