4 tools to improve access and interaction on social media platforms

Experienced social media growing during the last few years, this has led to the trend of more companies to rely more heavily on social media platforms to deliver their messages to the different marketing to the target audience, and of course I got Facebook for the largest share of attention among all the other platforms.

Firms compete to reach the largest possible number of customers on social media platforms in general, and Facebook in particular, the large number of users compared by the other, but access to customers and urged them to negotiate with the publications is not easy in current time, so the large number of marketing messages daily that host them.

To facilitate access to customers on social media platforms appeared many tools to help, and we’ll get them 4 tools with the clarify the purpose of the use:

1 – a tool for Social Studio:

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This tool you need a Salesforce company specialized in the development and application of Customer Relationship Management, and licensor are important because they help institutions in the management of all marketing efforts on social media platforms from one place, providing the possibility of tracking everything going on from talks about the enterprise online, in addition to the possibility to reply to comments and support requests that come to the foundation.

Regarded as a tool of Social Studio on machine learning techniques, and image recognition and analysis, making it able to supply your organization with visions of a deep, all what is published about them on the internet, this definitely helps a lot in improving the digital marketing activities of your organisation.

Also, this tool allows you to publish content directly to social media accounts, through your control panel, whether of computers, or smart phones, as well as control the interaction of the customer with the content that you post through the graphics data shows the statistics of interaction accurately.

2. the tool of Gleam:

4 أدوات لتحسين الوصول والتفاعل على منصات التواصل الاجتماعي

Integrate this tool easily with most social media platforms well-known, which is specialized in the creation of competitions to determine the rate of interaction of the followers, used this tool more than 5000 Foundation.

It is known that competitions are more types of content to encourage interaction, and to allocate the appropriate awards to the winners in these contests helps to increase the popularity of these competitions and spread widely.

Therefore, the tool Gleam also provide you the possibility to customize the prizes directly to the winners, for example: you can allocate discount coupons for the winners, or the free updates to apply, or download a free content of value, and that of other awards.

3. the tool Compfight:

4 أدوات لتحسين الوصول والتفاعل على منصات التواصل الاجتماعي

Think high quality photos of the most important means used to attract followers, encourage them to think and participate, so the included image with high quality in the content published on social media platforms helps to increase the rate of access to the followers, and their friends, and thus gain new followers and increase interaction rates.

Tool Compfight is a search engine for Health helps you in getting free images of high quality from the famous photo-sharing site Flickr, where you can choose the appropriate images, and embed them directly in the content you want to publish.

4. the tool Thinglink:

4 أدوات لتحسين الوصول والتفاعل على منصات التواصل الاجتماعي

Tool allows you to Thinglink create images, videos, interactive and easily, which helps you to distinguish the content that you post on social media platforms, thus increasing the rate of arrival of his followers because in this case it wouldn’t be just pictures or videos traditional.

This editor tool is easy to use to deal with multimedia files, and add effects appropriate, as there is a feature called: Maker Tour Tour creator, which allows you to linking multimedia files the traditional like: images, videos with your photos and videos with 360-degree.

Tool Thinglink is also available as an application for Android devices on storeGoogle Play, as well as on the Store iTunes for iOS.

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