4 Ways followed by chief executives to enhance communication with followers

Not limited to the use of social media platforms heavily on artists, and public figures, influencers, but also extend to entrepreneurs, and CEOs of major global companies.

We have in a previous article; a review of the top 10 CEOs in accordance with their activity on social media platforms, and today we’re going to review the most prominent methods used by these executives to create a strong connection with their followers.

In the same vein; it shows the results of a study conducted by the foundation of Brunswick that employees generally prefer to work for the company that owns the chairpersons of the executive’s account balance social and active, with a rate of 2 to 1, which indicates the importance of the revitalization of the accounts of the company leaders on social media platforms, not so great role in promoting the company’s image in front of people.

Of the most prominent examples of the attention of chief executives of major corporate accounts on social media platforms is (Doug offices of the colon) Doug McMillon, president and CEO (Walmart) Walmart retail, where clicking on the page Facebook on an almost daily basis, as move (Adina Friedman) Adena Friedman; the chief executive of Nasdaq to interact with their follow-up to her account with LinkedIn, and who exceeded half a million followers.

Today we use the leading 4 methods used by CEOs to enhance their social media platform accounts:

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1 – posting a resume:

4 طرق يتبعها الرؤساء التنفيذيون لتعزيز التواصل مع المتابعين

The most important step for any chief executive to do, is to strengthen its presence on the internet through the dissemination of (personal biography of) Biography, and a summary review of the responsibilities of his office job, as it includes the most important accomplishments that he has achieved.

Help spread this personal, or abstract function in the definition of people’s personality and the CEO and accomplishments of the professional, where they can be included in short in his accounts on social media platforms, and served in a special page on Wikipedia, or in any related sites, so it’s easy for people to access reliable information about, and then they share it via social media platforms.

2 – Create a plan to encourage followers to think:

تسجيع التواصل مع المتابعين

The quality of the content published on social media accounts play a big role in encouraging followers to think, so should any chief executive to prepare a plan for the type of content and the timing of its publication on account of the different social media, taking into account the quality of the target audience, where you choose quality content that targets the company’s customers for content targeted at investors, or which is targeted at employees of the company.

The most prominent business leaders on social media platforms rely on video and audio, mainly to strengthen the interaction and communication with their followers, where they publish video footage or photos of their participation in some activities with staff inside the company, it also activates some profiles of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives undertaken by their company to serve the community.

3 – the focus of most activity in a single platform:

منصة لينكدإن

Preferably the concentration of the most active and interact in a social media platform mainly because it is difficult for any chief executive thinking to publish content and interact with followers on multiple platforms at once, especially if he manages his accounts himself.

Turns out from the study conducted by the foundation of Brunswick; that most chief executives prefer publishing and interaction, mainly on the platform of LinkedIn, followed by Twitter, then Facebook, then Instagram.

4 – constant communication with followers:

التواصل المستمر مع المتابعين

Lead any chief executive to publish good content regularly to increase the rate of interaction of the followers on social media platforms, and you must then respond to the comments of the follow two messages received by the accounts constantly.

We know, of course, difficult to reply to such huge numbers of messages and comments, but there are several effective ways to deal with it, where the president can Executive record a short video of each period is common questions that I receive from most stores, or for specific dates to conduct a live video broadcast to answer questions from followers, and you can also set the competent official or more follow-up comments and messages and respond to them, and assist in the management of accounts.


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