4 ways for messaging via WhatsApp without saving figure Android and iPhone

One of the negative things the application of WhatsApp, is that you need to store the first numbers in your phone to be able to interview the owners, with the only exception being is you can text them without keeping their numbers only if they are the one who started the conversation.

However, there are some ways to bypass this problem, including the method available from the application itself, in addition to the other ways is through the use of the applications of the third party.

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Through the links WhatsApp

The application provides the WhatsApp official way to call a number not saved. As shown in the FAQ page, you can start a conversation with any number not saved in your phone by moving to the web address.

So that you can create a shortcut to your number on the form link, and publish it on social media or any other means through which the delivery of comfort to those who want conversation, so that if your phone number 789-456-123 will be a short link like this: https://wa.me/123-456-789 and, when written in the bar of the browser, you’ll get the page of WhatsApp with the button to start the conversation, which convey the person to the app directly, you can apply this method with any other number even if it is not belonging to you, to be able to communicate with him without keeping the number contacts.

Via third party apps

If the method above seems confusing or a bit slow, you can use third party applications to speed up the process. There are many applications for iPhone and Android allows you to communicate with others via WhatsApp without saving their numbers on your phone, so that these applications don’t ask you to Type any web address, just all you need to do is enter the phone number, and you will be taken directly to the application WhatsApp for the conversation.

Among these free apps, app Direct Message for WhatsApp for Android phones, in addition to the application of the Quick Message phones for iPhone, one of the best options at all, offering the service to you without any ads or disturbing.

Via the interface to use Android phones

The second method may be the least known, although it is fastest and easiest and the best, which is available for smartphones operating system Android Q and higher only in addition to the interfaces use phones Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus.

So if you have a phone number in any application, you can specify a number like you’re doing a version, but instead you’ll need to press the button three points instead of the copy button, to show more options, including send a message via WhatsApp, which is the button that will press it for correspondence.

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Through the application shortcuts Shortcuts iPhone

The application shortcut is one of the most important features that arrived via the iOS system 12, where it allows users to many services including the possibility of messaging someone via WhatsApp without the need to store the number to contacts call.

You will need to install this shortcut in the application, and at any time where the need to see someone without a store number, you can open the app and press the icon shortcut WhatsApp and enter the number, you will be switched to WhatsApp directly.

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