4 ways to exercise at home with Google Home

Users of the device (Google Home) Google Home; the repeated call of “Hey Google Hey Google” so frequently throughout the day, so as to direct voice commands to the device, where it can perform a multitude of tasks, such as: assistance in access to recipes for food, or wake you up early in the morning, or play clips of favorite music, and much more.

But if you have made some health decisions, which is considered the first part of which is the exercise, the device Google Home can help you to do it inside the house without the need to participate in one of the sports clubs, or gyms Gym, or buy a video tutorials or the consumption of storage space on your phone to install fitness apps.

Can your Google Home make it easy on us through the (Assistant Google Voice) Google Assistant , which offers you many options to start on the journey to a shapely body and better health.

The following are 4 ways to help you your Google Home to integrate exercise into your daily routine:

In the beginning you’ll need to adjust the settings of the Google Home access to the Department of Health and sports by follow the following steps:

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  • Open the application Google Home.
  • Click on the option (microphone) Microphone.
  • Click on the icon (discover) located at the bottom right.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen, you will see several sections including: arts, lifestyle, business, finance, etc. Swipe left until you find the section (Health and Wellness) Health and Wellness, click on it.

1 – quick exercises:

You can start your day or finish it the exercise exercise quick for seven minutes, just say: “Hey Google, talk to quick exercises – Talk to Quick Workout” will ask you assistant Google whether you are ready to start the workout. Just say yes or no based on your situation.

Groups will exercise each for a period of 30 seconds, prior to the commencement of each group, will ask the assistant to Google whether you are ready, so if you need to catch your breath, just say yes, you’ll get a few seconds before asking his question again.

2 – perform exercise Plank for 5 minutes:

Exercise (plank) Plank; from the highlights of the strength exercises that help to tighten the body and strengthen the muscles in general, just say: “Hey Google, talked to five minutes Blanca – Talk to Five-minute Plank” will ask you to help Google take mode of exercise, and will exercise 5 times, each time for one minute with a rest period of 10 seconds between each.

3 – Exercises for fitness:

This option gives you the diversity more in terms of exercises that you want to do. Just say: “Hey Google, talk to exercises the whole body – Talk to Body Workout” to get started. You can tell the assistant to Google your name, so that it can receive every time as does the captain at the gym.

Will ask the assistant to Google about exercise that you want – exercise full-body, or crunches, or exercise the arm after being informed of the type of exercise you want to exercise it, will ask you whether you’re ready to get started, where you can answer that yes or no.

If you choose to exercises of the abdomen or arm, you will begin to exercise four exercises targeting these areas, it will asks whether you are ready to follow up after a few seconds, so you can progress as fast as you want, after the completion of training four, you get one minute of rest.

4 – meditation guide:

The longer meditation is one of the important ways of training the mind to focus, redirect thoughts, so he is at least as important as exercise.

If it was a long day and stress, you can say “Hey Google, see the guide to meditation Ask Meditation Guide”. You can participate in a range of meditation exercises with clip music quiet helps you to relax and re-focus.

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