4 ways to get rid of the charging rate headphones AirPods on iPhone

When the company released the Apple TV the first generation of headphones AirPods wireless in 2016, provided new advantages in these headphones, including: the possibility to pair the phone automatically iPhone as soon as you open the lid, turn off the music automatically when you remove one of the two speakers from the ear, etc.

As Apple launched this year the second generation of the AirPods with new features, including: they come with box and wireless charging is optional, longer battery life, and its integration with the voice assistant Siri Siri, during last month launched headphones AirPods Pro, designed a whole new system with blocking noise effectively, and experience immersive audio.

Although the most important characteristic of headphones AirPods so far; the simplicity and ease of use, however, there is one element that cannot be accessed easily; it is the ratio of the remaining charge in the battery the speaker.

Here are 4 ways to get rid of the percentage battery headphones AirPods on the iPhone:

1 – open tray AirPods and hold it next to the iPhone:

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After the sync headphones AirPods with the iPhone, open the lid during the existence of the heaven inside, and grabbed the back near the device, then wait a few seconds until you see a pop-up window at the bottom of the phone screen shows the ratio of the charging battery headphones AirPods and shipping.

Once you close the lid of the fish tank, or take out the fish from the enclosure, or even if you click outside the pop-up window that appeared Will my percentage of battery Airpods.

2 – through tool batteries:

4 طرق للتحقق من نسبة شحن سماعات AirPods على هواتف آيفون

If you want to check the charging rate headphones AirPods, you can activate (tool batteries) Batteries widget on the iPhone, but will not show the charging status of the flag only when a headset AirPods at least one inside the enclosure.

  • Swipe to the left on the phone’s home screen for iPhone.
  • You’ll see a screen of Widgets; and scroll down until you reach option (Edit) Edit and then click on it.
  • Through the screen, Add Widgets, search for tool batteries Batteries; then click on the symbol of the circle with the color green next to it to activate it.
  • To save what you’ve done with adjustments click on the option (has been) Done.

Once you have finished these steps, you will be able to see the percentage of battery charge of the headphones AirPods your own, and the battery for any other device connected to such as: Apple Watch, through the screen Today View.

3 – through the voice assistant Siri:

4 طرق للتحقق من نسبة شحن سماعات AirPods على هواتف آيفون

There is an easier way to check the charging rate headphones AirPods on the iPhone; all you have to do is activate the voice assistant Siri; the question about the percentage of battery charge remaining.

4 – without the use of a paired device:

If you don’t have a paired device with Airpods and check the shipping rate before you leave home, you can get the charging rate approximate by checking the color of the LED lamp is small and located at the front cargo tray.

If the color of the LED lamp is green, the ratio of charging battery headphones AirPods higher than 50%, and if its color is orange, then the shipping rate is less than 50%.

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