4 ways to help you find the Android phone stolen or lost

I don’t doubt that there are a lot of lost his phone at what time – whether due to theft, or unintentional error – and of course the loss of your phone now think very bad experience, because any phone that has a lot of our personal data.

In the event of theft or loss of Android phone, no need to worry; wherein the support operating system (Android), Android, and several ways to address this problem, as long as you have another device in hand.

Here’s how to find your Android phone using another device:

Once you have logged in on your phone using the account Google your do service (phone tracking) Find My Device by default, a service offered by Android phones, and allows you to track the location of your phone in case of loss of, or lock it remotely, or wipe data remotely also.

You can make sure to activate Find My Device on your device, by following these steps:

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  • Go to (Settings) Settings.
  • Click on the Department (Security) Security.
  • Click on the option (Find My Device) Find My Device, and make sure it is enabled, if not press the button switch next to it to activate it.

أنكيفية العثور على هاتف أندرويد المسروق أو المفقود باستخدام أي جهازدرويد

In the case of lost your phone this feature is activated, you can track it using any other device as follows:

1. using a computer:

One of the most common cases are: loss of your Android phone, but you can access a computer, so you can follow the following steps:

  • Immediately losing your phone; and open service track phone, through this link https://myaccount.google.com/find-your-phone.
  • Be sure to log into the Google account associated with the phone missing.
  • You’ll see a map showing the whereabouts of all devices associated with this account.
  • If you don’t help your map to access a place exactly, you can through the menu on the left side of the map pressing the options (play a sound) Play the Sound, to make the phone ring loudly for 5 minutes regardless of its settings, that will be an ideal option in case the phone is lost in a closed space, such as: office or home.

كيفية العثور على هاتف أندرويد المسروق أو المفقود باستخدام أي جهاز

Through the menu on the left side of the map, you’ll find you have several other options including:

  • Feature secure device Secure Device, which allows you to lock the phone, display a message of your choice on the lock screen to explain to the person with the device that it is missing, and phone number can contact.

  • Feature (wipe device data) Erase Device, which allows you to wipe data, but if you use it you won’t be able to track the phone, so consider using this feature yet to fail in all other attempts.

Note: If you close the thief of your phone, you will not be able to follow it until running it again, and make a connection to the data network or Wi-Fi, it will make you google the e-mail message once you select the location of your device.

2 – use the Google:

If you have a house smart supports (Assistant Google Voice) Google’s Assistant – like (Google Home) Google Home, or (Home Mini) Home Mini, or Lenovo Smart Display, or other – it is possible to use it to find your phone.

All you have to do is say the words (Hey Google, find my phone) Hey Google, find my phone, it will help you help Google, by making the phone ring.

If you have many devices, you’ll mention it to you until you reach the device you want, and when you say “yes”, will make the device ring loudly for 5 minutes regardless of settings.

3 – use any other Android device:

You can also use other Android device to find your lost phone, but you will need to download the application Google Find My Device separately from the Google Play Store on the device first.

  • When you open the app; you will need to log in with the same account on the lost device, then you will see the map you can locate your phone, and you will be at the top of the map all your devices associated with this account.
  • Click on the device you are looking for, and will save its current location on the map.
  • There are the bottom of the map the same choices that appear when you use a computer, which is: play a sound, or lock the device or wipe the device.

4. use the smart watch:

If you use a smart watch running Wear OS, you can use it to find your lost phone provided by them, all you have to do is access the list of applications on your clock, and press the application “Find my phone”, will start the phone paired with your watch smart ringing loud regardless of the settings of the current.

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