4 ways to help you in getting rid of addiction YouTube

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4 طرق تساعدك في التحكم في إدمان مشاهدة يوتيوب

Think browse videos website (YouTube) YouTube is a great way to entertain and spend time, especially during the period of the home insulation compulsory for the outbreak of MERS-CoV, but spend a lot of time browsing the site that could affect your physical and mental health, which requires you to control time and regulate your use of it so as not to turn it into an addiction.

Here are 4 ways to help you in getting rid of addiction YouTube:

1. control viewing times:

Enabled the YouTube feature (time scenes) Time Watched for mobile phones, to know that I spent watching video clips during the day, and on the seventh day, and the days-past seven, in addition to report on average daily use.

And you can access them in Android phones and iPhone and iPad, as follows:

  • Sign in to YouTube.
  • Click on your profile photo.
  • Select (Time scenes) Time Watched.

2 – Adjust time management in YouTube:

You can also adjust the settings of YouTube to remind you to take a break after watching several videos, by the Department of (tools to manage your time on YouTube) Tools to manage your YouTube time.

In this section you can activate the option (remind me to take a break) Remind me to take a break, which you are prompted to set the number of times that reminds you which app to stop using your phone and do something else.

If you click on the option to disable sounds and notifications, you can also set a time like mode (do not disturb), when you want it doesn’t bother you, YouTube email notification, in this way, we will not send you a YouTube notifications frequently during this time.

3 – compilation of all the notifications in one abstract:

If you activate the feature (the abstract scheduled) Scheduled digest, you will not receive notifications via the app; but you can compile all notifications of the day in one abstract, you can then access them at any time you want.

4 – activate the tickets to go to sleep.:

Easy YouTube setup tells you to stop watching videos when you reach a certain time, this setting is available only on YouTube at the moment, where you can find it in the settings page the general page viewing time.

As soon as the setup switch to the mode (operating), you will be prompted to select a time for the time of sleep, so set yourself a good time when you need to stop watching and start to relax, and preferably not have time to bedroom the actual.

Where need some time to recover from the effects of blue light, where he recommends the American Academy of ophthalmologists with exposure to blue light two hours before bedtime, as you can set an interval to remind you to do something else, like business or looking to something other than the screen.

You can also refuse to ticket cars or postponed, as you can set the ticket to waiting until the end of the video you’re watching before the reminding time to sleep.

The gate Arab News Technical 4 ways to help you in getting rid of addiction YouTube

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