4 year entertaining available for free for a limited time for users of phones iPhone


If you are an amateur download apps general variety on your phone iPhone, it is time to time and are provided a different set of apps are free, This is very useful for users who want to experience a wide range of applications-games, below we highlight the year’s collection available for free download from the Store “app store” for a limited time.

Blocky Racing

No longer Blocky Racing of the year race is fun and simple, and offers lots of possibilities and different, and the user must overcome the obstacles that confront him during the race, and it fits with the phone EVO X and devices running on IOS 11.

Blocky Racing
Blocky Racing


Application Catsby very entertaining, and fits the fan of the world of animals, where it’s about a cat has a set of tasks that must be done.


Fly Away

From public phones EVO, which includes a range of advantages entertaining, which is available free for a limited period, the task of the user is crossing bees from a large number of obstacles, and flying smoothly.

Fly Away
Fly Away

Forgotten Hill Mementoes

If you tend more to the adventure and excitement and awe, the application of Forgotten Hill Mementoeswill be appropriate orientation, which is available free of charge for a limited time.

Forgotten Hill Mementoes
Forgotten Hill Mementoes

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