40 million pounds, the trade volume of mobile phones in Egypt, and expectations of higher rates

جالاكسي ام 20 في السعودية

Student division mobile dealers in Giza business in the Arab Republic of Egypt, demanded to be granted the Ministry of trade and Industry, wait at least 3 months of imports of smart phones until the regularization of companies imported logs factories, exporters, stressing that the market is threatened by the stagnation of the severe expectations to increase prices by 15%.

According to the deputy head of the division, the sales of mobile trading, which amounts to 40 million pounds per year, fell sharply during the recent times, due to the inclusion of smart phones within the power that you used to register factories supplied not to the local market.

The official stressed the source, to the regularization of importing my mobile phone with the factories and suppliers you need at least a minimum period of 3 months, pointing out that the board of management, the division addressed the customs authority in that regard, stressing that the grant of the Ministry of trade and industry a period to adjust the position ensures keep the business sector on their workers out of the labour market as well as maintain an important sector of the Egyptian economy, at the same time to rise the prices of mobile phones by 25% by the resolution, which would increase the proportion of the recession by.

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“The deputy head of the division”, that the mobile dealers do not have any reservations on the resolution, which would protect the market from imported goods with quality levels lower as well as relieve the pressure on the foreign currency necessary to import especially that the majority of the processes for the import and the adoption of the bank, but at the same time, account must be taken of public sector workers who number more than 2 million citizens are threatened out of the labour market.

The Ministry of trade and industry, has included mobile phones, bags, and varieties of private transport and mobilization of goods from cans, boxes, bags, tools, razors and skin care, under Decision No. 43 for the year 2016, on the modification of the rules for the registration of factories eligible to export their products to Egypt.

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