Chrome gets enhancements that speed up performance and reduce power and memory consumption

Google Chrome gets improvements to accelerate performance and reduce power and memory consumption

In the hustle and bustle of the constant updates that tech companies send to their browsers to maintain its popularity and even increase its market share and seek market dominance, Google has improved a vulnerability that has long been suffered by users of Chrome, the most used browser today.

Where Google stated in its blog that the process of opening and downloading tabs in the Chrome browser will be 10% lighter and faster than the user used to, which means that the time spent while the download is completed will be reduced by a noticeable difference and thus faster completion of tasks without discouraging the burden of waiting from his concern.

The most important point here, which is essential when talking about the Chrome browser, is its effect on the devices it operates; The company’s statement came that the improvements are not only limited to the tabs ’download speed, but that the battery and memory will have a share, saving consumption and reducing load, respectively.

Similar to the above, the trial version of the browser currently has a preview tab, which allows the user to see a mini window that shows the site’s content when the cursor is placed over it. The support for PDF files has also become more powerful, as Chrome will support input on these files, save them and return to complete the entry through the browser itself after closing with ease.

In another update intended for 2-in-1 mobile devices, the browser will offer a suggestion to transfer the URL to its correct location in the browser in the event that the user enters it elsewhere by accidentally touching the screen.


The Verge

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