47 companies produced the request of British intelligence to spy on encrypted messages

Criticized a group of US technology companies the proposal made by the intelligence agency GCHQ requesting it to spy on encrypted messages.

The collection includes 47 hand from Apple, Google, Microsoft, WhatsApp, and a group of organizations that care about privacy, researchers gung.

It considered that these plans undermine security, privacy, and threatening confidence in the services communicate encrypted is reflected negatively on the security of the citizen and his right to privacy and freedom of expression.

The intelligence agency in the United Kingdom GCHQ had filed a petition last November to discuss the right to add authorities to the intelligence agency within the conversations are encrypted. It is like that you get the agency a copy of each encrypted message is exchanged.

With that the petition do not necessarily reflect the agenda of an executive actually intended to do, but if she already has done so, this means that you must modify each application of encrypted chat famous.

Although the petition provided the premise of the principle, however, intended to be a point to start a discussion about the topic, according to Ian Levy of the Center for digital security of the national who wrote the petition, will continue to work with the relevant authorities and are looking to create an open dialogue to reach the best solutions.

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