5 10 Android features that Google copied the iPhone

With the release of Android 10, it wasn’t so much time and users devices that already an update is available, does installing a new operating system version from Google in order to personally test the new features. Some of them truly innovative, but some Google still peek at the competition. In this case we are talking of course about the iPhone. And now we’ll tell you about the features of Android 10 that was copied from iOS.

In fairness, we note that Apple sometimes also “watching” some pieces of Android. But not this time

The contents

Permission to track location

iOS has long had a flexible system of work with the location

Google places great emphasis on privacy features in the new version of its OS. While location services can obtain (or not obtain) access to location tracking, and informed. But in previous versions, users were only 2 options “Allow” and “Deny”. Now we have an opportunity to provide applications with location data only when you use a program that has long been available on iOS.

Navigation with gestures

Navigation with gestures — it’s convenient

Google has already faced some problems in relation to the navigation system using gestures during the release of the Android Pie which relished not all users. In Android 10, the search giant modified system of gestures, making them more comfortable. Now they work great…and very similar to those that exist on the iPhone. For example, a method of switching between apps. On the other hand, the old gestures have not gone away, so you can consider this item as an add on to existing functions.

Balancing sound

But balancing the sound on Android is really not enough

If you open the page accessibility iPhone, you will find there the ability to balance the volume levels for right and left audio channels. The same option is now a part of the set of accessibility features of Android. Moreover, repeated here not only the option but also its location. By the way, if you have noticed any other options that Google “stole” from Apple, or Vice versa, write about it in our chat in Telegram.

The ability to share Wi-Fi password

To share the password now easier than ever

Quite a handy feature for quite some time “living” on iOS: when your network connects your new device, from your smartphone or tablet, which is already in the network, as would “give” the password to another gadget. The password will automatically fill the corresponding input field and you do not have to dictate or prescribe manually. As you know, the same now can and Android. But it works a little differently. You can use the QR code to share your password with any other user.

Support eSIM

It is likely that due to the eSIM, we will soon forget about normal SIM cards

eSIMs is, in fact, a modern replacement of usual SIM card that we use for many years. Apple offered to put the SIM card inside the phone, which allows users to easily switch between operators. Now 10 Android users can finally get the support of the new format, that is, out of the box. So it’s hardly bad, because now to abandon the old format of SIM cards will be much faster.

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