5 advantages and improvements we want to see in the Galaxy S10

Attributed some failure to update the design and specifications of the Galaxy S9 significantly to the postponement of the big improvements to the phone the tenth anniversary of the S10, as well as the development of some of the leading advantages, here are 5 advantages and improvements that we can support them in the S10:

1) Identify three-dimensional face

Not as an alternative fingerprint, which I see as more efficient than hand safety and usage conditions, but to improve selfies and en Emoji that convey the expressions of your face to cartoon characters, perhaps a suitable name.

Recall that the leaks many spoke about the adoption of the three-dimensional on the face in the Galaxy S10 already.

2) mark the screen

Attributing the reports of the postponement of the reader the compact footprint to the Galaxy S10, after what was rumored presented in Note 9, The to build Samsung a different approach in its development that would further the process of sensor than the one on the phone vivo setback, which is what we hope to see you really in the phone of the tenth anniversary.

3) battery life

The problem of battery life old for phones Samsung, and the exception of phones S9, has appeared yesterday the details of the Processor Galaxy S10 that will increase the battery life of the phone theoretically.

Why risk Samsung battery great since Note 7, while the label says that the battery of the Note 9 will be with a large capacity of up to 4,000 mAh, this makes us greedy about great battery life on S10 thanks to increased battery capacity and change the intended geometry of the Processor.

4) the same specifications in the amendments

Varies S9 from S9 plus in screen size and battery capacity, prepare a rear camera capacity RAM, what did not leave the choice in front of a large segment of the public only buy a copy plus.

I consider it a must for Samsung to adopt the philosophy of the old mess S10 by providing the same specifications in the amendments to the standard balm several that relate to the size of the screen, any screen size and battery capacity, as do Most manufacturers.

5) design

Screen endless great no doubt, no objection when on a curved screen or minimize the screen edges, and it takes fact, the company is also moving industry.

But the design behind the S10 can be improved beauty glass characteristic such as the oneplus 6 -but what to do withthe refraction of glass the sudden– as well as beautiful patterns like behind the What 10, phones pixels.

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