5 advantages in the iPhone XS we want Android

Apple to disclose iPhone and the fourth generation of her watch smart a few days ago, where he impressed the beauty of the iPhone Xs new flagship, and today we will show you 5 of its advantages and indeed important, which may help to offer the smart phone operating system Android significantly.

The screen of the note without the chin

Since the detection of the iPhone X, has most of the makers of Android phones over the last year providing phones to the same note too, and while she came to some phones bnwt smaller than the iPhone X, only that Apple has excelled in terms of the lack of chin and bottom of the phone, it is supposed to work is the sheet to exclude all parties to a screen to increase its size, but it seems that it doesn’t work yet in Android.

3D face recognition

Comes iPhone XS as previous with Face Detection, three-dimensional without the reader footprint, while providing many of the Android phones water itself, but it’s still less secure, adding to the lack of support for all the applications for this feature yet on Android, unlike the iPhone, where this feature works in payment applications smoothly amazing.

Manual control depth of field in the insulation

One of the most prominent characteristics of the camera that appeared recently was insulation property, where miss Android phones such as the Pixels 2 on the iPhone X in this command, but the iPhone Xs came with a modified cell isolation and blur according to your preference after image capture, it is true that Huawei and Samsung offer it already, but most Android phones don’t support it.

Wizard A12 Bayou your

Despite how powerful the processor centre 845, which is currently the most powerful Android phones, except that the processor A12 Apple offers levels of performance incomparable, we find improvements in graphics performance of up to 50% with a 50% increase in the efficiency of energy consumption thanks to the nucleoli, high efficiency, and raise the speed and performance of the nucleoli of the main processor by 15%, with the improvement of image processing.

Engine vibration and touch

Since the iPhone 7 and Apple TV provide a small engine emits vibrations simple when you touch the screen you can feel detail with you, but this is not available by itself any Android, even though it adds a better experience using the phone.

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