5 advantages of a subtle application of Gimli

After the announcement by Google to close the application links (Inbox) will be a lot of users to Gmail (Gmail) has got in the phone version on the improvements in design and functionality recently, these 5 hidden advantages useful to the user.

1) coordination plan

Click prolonged office writing e-mail or select all shows the format option (Format) which for it offers options to implement the letter of the color of the line shape of the broad or oblique.

2) customize the gestures

You can customize the gestures scrolling to archive e-mails, or remind you later or otherwise by going to Settings (Settings) , existing at the end of the side menu and then General Settings (General settings) > action fast scrolling (Swipe actions).

3) are the correct letters

Says Gimli, highlight some of the messages to view them first, some of which may be important, but it promotional messages to the market, I wanted to re-arrange the letters as they were received, go to Settings (Settings) > choose the name of the e-mail > inbox categories (Inbox categories), and clear the “activate the Groupon emails for the best deals” (Enable Bundling of Top Email).

4) minimize notifications

Says Gimli sometimes push notifications tell you to reply to old messages or follow them, but can prevent these notifications by going to Settings (Settings) > choose the name of the e-mail > replies and follow-up (Reply and follow up) and cancel options: a proposal for e-mail messages to respond to them, the proposal of e-mail messages for follow-up.

5) important notices only

If you don’t want to alert for all email messages even though some of these messages may be important, you might use the artificial intelligence of the game to alert you about messages that he thinks it’s important; this option is named “High-Priority” (High priority only) will be to go to Settings (Settings) > select name, email > notifications (Notifications).

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