5 advantages of in SYNC 3 help you convert time wasted into useful activities

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Have you ever thought how to seize the time you spend on the road during your approach to your work? Maybe follow up on some important things or even learn a new language, it may seem strange in the beginning, however, the congestion that drains their time for hours behind the wheel without benefit, can be converted to useful time.

According to the results of the research, which was published by the company in the index for transport in the United States of America, based, in its study of “card the results of the congestion of the global 2017” which included 1360 cities in 38 countries in 5 continents, he spends bikers in the UAE 24 hours a year stuck in traffic jams during peak hours, while the inhabitants of Cape Town 49 hours and the population of Johannesburg 46 hours in congestion is draining their time.

Ziad shaaban, it engineer, electrical and electronic systems in Ford Middle East and Africa: “given the large spent bikers of their lives on the roads, stop in front of us a valuable opportunity to achieve those hours wasted to something of value”.

While seeking the responsible authorities striving to reduce traffic congestion throughout the region, drivers can also benefit from time behind the wheel, it is this goal more easily with the system infotainment Ford SYNC 3.

Where drivers can spend time more useful during congestion in a manner safer Safety allows them to focus on the road without distracting their attention, here are the leading 5 things can the system SYNC 3 to do to enable you to take advantage of the time wasted.

They have learned something new

Form the hours of congestion an ideal opportunity for groups in which to learn something new, the iPad to download some audio books on your smartphones and listen to it in your car via the connected system, SYNC 3, and remember, there’s no limit to in the shadow of the possibility of the acquisition of a new skill or language by taking advantage of their time in the congestion and turn it into a reason for personal growth.

If the books out of your interests and you’d rather sing instead of listening to it, you can simply download your favorite music you enjoy poor Karaoke in your car.

Reply to SMS your votes.

Integrates system SYNC 3 with the application of Android auto, Apple CarPlay and Siri Eyes Free, allows to connect the phone for access to all of its advantages during the walk.

Moreover, you can use the SYNC 3 to read the messages on the phone to Apple and them safely a full on Android device also, supports SYNC 3 Arabic language fully.

Make important calls

Integration with smart devices, lets SYNC 3 Make calls simply while driving a car, thereby taking advantage of idle time behind the wheel to deal with your loved ones. You can also make a call from inside the car while you to work.

Search for important places

Lets the navigation system in SYNC 3 is the ability to search for places of interest to you simply, such as a building or a specific location, save it to retrieve in the future, which chooses the time necessary to look in lists and maps.

They talked as they rode on the road with SYNC 3

Happen voice control system SYNC 3, The need to touch the screen to access the contact data, or song you want to hear, or radio station favorite, and all you have to do is simply click on one of the buttons and guide the system to do what you want, even if you utter it in Arabic, in addition to saving time, and most importantly, it helps to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel.

Thanks to the system, SYNC 3, You can add valuable time to your day during traffic jams across the spectrum of distinct advantages, most importantly, ensure you get support and assistance in your policy.

5 advantages of in SYNC 3 help you convert time wasted into useful activities

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