5 advantages of the Android P … I don’t know a lot of users


Even though he didn’t have a name at all … until now, only the Android System P it seems that it gives users a lot of new features and capabilities to users, after the company launched the Google beta version of the operating system during the Google I / O, which monitor highlighted as follows:

– Adapt to the condition of the battery

The Android system provides the advantage of Adaptive Battery which allows the operating system to identify applications that the user uses over time and prioritization of system resources.

– New tools for the screen

The option to capture screen shots of a number of different options for the user including modifying the screen shot or delete it immediately after it is captured with ease.

– View photos in Preview messages

It will also be the ability users will soon display images contained in the various messages through a preview of the notification instead of just text.

Rapid urbanization in the rotor

Shows the option to switch the rotor fast a new in the top-right corner of the screen when you move it to connect to the horizontal, which can be used for easy control of screen rotation.

Preview applications

Talking Android P to the data of individual applications to be placed next to each other horizontally, and the user can scroll through the Open applications in advance or to enjoy the Quick click app Preview to close the app.

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