5 Air Smart help you improve your sleep

The development of techniques and devices for sleep monitoring is very large in the recent period, including: wearable devices, and(pillows smart) Smart Pillows, and(family Smart) Smart Beds, and even robots that help you sleep faster and longer, such as: robot Somnox.

During the past ten years has increased the number of research about sleep disorders at a rate never seen before, where many studies have shown that there is a strong correlation between lack of sleep, increased chronic diseases, including: Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression. So he launched a to sleep name the third pillar of good health, after proper nutrition, andexercise regularly.

It’s why you become monitors sleep enjoy widely spread, notably smart pillows designed to track the habits of your sleep, and help you avoid sleep problems, issuing sounds help you to sleep without disturbing those around you.

The following are the 5 Air Smart help you improve your sleep:

1 – iSense Sleep Smart Pillow:

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5 وسائد ذكية تساعدك على تحسين نومك

Think Pad iSense Sleep is one of the leading options currently available to improve the sleep tracking easily, they come with a device to track sleep (Tracker) built-in, approves the application on your smartphone, and provide you with a comprehensive range of sleep data, analysis, and evaluation of tips to improve your sleep.

There in the middle of the pad tracker slim with sensor Medical, so you won’t need to wear any additional accessories during sleep. Once you download the application “Sleepace” sync with the device, it monitors the heart rate, and instantaneous, and record the following data:

  • Heart rate.
  • The rate of development.
  • The time it takes to implement.
  • Sleep cycles (light, medium, deep).
  • The extent of the insomnia suffered by the sleep soundly.
  • The time of sleep, time of waking up.
  • The number of times of waking up, and in bed, as well as the number of times to leave the bed.

You will find in the app reports daily, weekly, and monthly for the bedroom, it is considered the Daily Report is the most detailed, where you can see stats and graphs to follow the changes in the bedroom.

As the application loads the data of your sleep, you say consulting, and tips to help you in getting better sleep, it also offers you suggestions for exercise, diets, etc., to help you create a sleep plan perfect figure, improve your sleep quality.

Include this pad also a smart alarm to wake you at the optimal point in your sleep cycle, as the app lets you share data with your doctor or fitness trainer, which provides them a more complete picture of your sleep or your overall health. Come pad iSense Sleep Smart at the price of $ 170.

2 – Goodnite Smart Anti-Snore Pillow:

If you suffer from the problem of snoring during sleep, use (Goodnite Smart Anti-Snore) are an ideal option for you.

This includes the pad sensors to detect the position of your head, and if I discovered that you suffer from snoring, seek the pillow, and your head gently to the side, where he works to this new situation for the head to expand the air passages of the upper, allows you to breathe properly.

Work the pad along with the application for smartphones that carries the name of Nitelink2, which lets you monitor sleep time and quality, in addition to the time of snoring and its intensity. You can compare data so you can see if you physically move.

You can use the pad independently without the application of effective, but we recommend using the app to experience the ideal bedroom. Come pillow Goodnite Smart Anti-Snore at a price of $ 195.

3 – 10Minds Motion Pillow:

Like pillow 10Minds Motion pad previous in the list, but enjoy designing the most attractive, and come with an external sensor allows the Solution Box, and detect patterns of your own snoring, and and analysis.

Work pad is fully synchronous with the sensor to make fine adjustments to the sleeping position of the user, through the inflatable 4 A / C Indoor when you discover the sound of snoring, to put the user’s head gently, this movement is light in the neck and head will help you to take your sleeping position ideal for without a hitch.

He also designed the cover of the pad to disperse sweat and heat more efficiently so that you stay cooler, come pad with an application for mobile phones that includes some additional functions, including: the ability to record levels of snoring, and adjust the bulge airbags, plus charts to track improvement of sleeping habits you have over time. This pad at a price of 378 USD.

4. the Dreampad:

5 وسائد ذكية تساعدك على تحسين نومك

Dreampad is a pillow based on the pictures, which include amplifiers are designed to provide calm and clear voice you can hear, but neither can anyone else around you to hear.

Also working speakers built inside the pillow with the application for smart phones call via Bluetooth, and you can choose between 10 different sound designed specifically to reduce stress, stimulate relaxation, and help to sleep longer.

You can also adjust the volume and time of the run music all night, or for a few minutes to assess the possibility of waking up. This pillow offers a unique way for people, come at the price of $ 140 only.

5 – ZeeQ Smart Pillow:

وسادة Zeeq Smart Pillow

Offering a pillow ZeeQ Smart little bit of everything, where several sensors monitor the degree of snoring, then the oscillations occur will help you to change your head position without waking up, and the speakerphone is wireless you can use it to play music to help you sleep, in addition to the features of interest to measure the level of discomfort you have, and identify any disorder suffered in the sleep cycle, as it includes The Telltale also.

It also comes with apps for phones, works on the analysis of sleep cycles, sleep duration, feeling of comfort in a daily report detailed, the sleep habits to get a long-term vision of how the impact of your activity on the quality of sleep.

The problem with this pillow at the lack of focus on a specific feature, as is the case in the pillows of the former, which is what makes it difficult for them to do any of them well, and this is the reason that pillow ZeeQ is not at the top of our list. Other pillows do a better job with providing music listening, get rid of snoring, sleep tracking.

However; the presentation of ZeeQ is a strong choice for those who want a little bit of everything, or want to experience many tools to improve the quality of sleep, as they are characterized by cushion least price when compared to a pillow, the other, where available at a price of $ 99 only.

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