5 Amazing Facts about the technique of the fifth generation – the statement

Compete communications the communications and advocacy around the world on the run 5G super speed, which will change the way the contact will be a revolution in this vital sector to come behind the networks of the fourth generation current G –4 and third-generation 3G.

This technique has dominated on the World Conference for mobile devices, which took place late February in the Spanish town of Barcelona.

Will you do the technique of the fifth generation board in front of the more staggering technological innovation that will shape the future technical andto you 5 Amazing Facts about her:

1) faster than the fourth generation of 100 times as can download full movie on a phone that supports networks of the fifth generation within a few seconds so that the speed of the new Miss average download speed in networks of the fourth generation of approximately 65 thousand times.

2) will benefit several sectors of this technical sector, sports industry and factories in the city sports bikes, racetracks, and parks and playgrounds football, will become the public could enjoy the finer details of the matches through the display screens used generation technology الخامس5G.

3) will become the fifth-generation networks available to individuals in the UAE between the months of July and August 2019.

4) will be used in the Expo 2020 Dubai as soon as the development of leadership.

5)will have the opportunity to transfer the sense of touch by using the technology devices of high sensitivity, which will enable people to achieve connection to the Natural future where they will be able to sense the articles and content that they communicate through it.

Said acai Anastasio information on Radio 702 in South Africa the technique of the fifth generation will revolutionize everything will have an impact on every industry from robotics to manufacturing to climate control.. and the fact that its very quick and the waiting period will be a few of the everything’s going to be immediate. The addition of artificial intelligence, this technology will change the game on the states and companies that will include this technique.

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