5 Android apps-new fun (4)

Every week join hundreds of apps to the store Google Play, This was the best 5 appeared during the past week:

Blizzard Esports

No one doubts the popularity of video games today, which led to the emergence of what is known as sports electronic. Company Blizzard which is one of the months studios to develop the games most competitive launched this app to facilitate the follow-up news and results of events in e-sports for various video games.

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Heritage Scanner – Your Ethnicity & Family Origins

This app claims to know the origins of your family through a photo of your face only, of course, doubt the accuracy of the results, but the app is free and unlike other means in which it requests the taking of a DNA sample and wait for months.

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Feedly Lab

Latest apps Vader, comes in one simple to become another blockbuster news from your favorite sites, knowing that the purpose of the company of the app is to test new features, you may suffer the user of some problems.

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Otter Voice Notes

The Notes application is characterized by the codification of voice, depends on artificial intelligence to improve the voice notes in English to write with high precision, even if shale audio to more than one person can artificial intelligence the interaction between them. In any case, you can use the 600 minutes of registration free every month, as most of it requires a subscription service up to$ 10 per month.

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Assistant Shortcuts

With this app you can customize the work of the physical buttons of your phone in other things, such as launching the camera or view your notifications by clicking on the play button.

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