5 Android apps-new fun (6)

Join hundreds of applications to store Google Play every week, but little of what adds real value to the user, here we’ll talk about 5 apps were better than the rest of the new applications during the past week. Faster & Safer Internet

The application of coffee entitles you to use the DNS service designed to protect the user data on the internet deleted every 24 hours, as it increases the speed of the internet connection. Enjoy the app a stylish design easy to handle, but live that it depends on the VPN service which can’t use another service with it.

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Feedly Classic

I got the application Feedly to display the most important news from sources selected by the user on the new design changes the way to interact with them, and here comes the role of application Feedly Classic keep on the old design and for those who hate change.

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(Pixel Pulse (BETA

Application notices makes the screen flash when a new notification arrives, it will be attractive to users of screen Olid, phones that don’t come with a flash of Leeds notifications, such as the OnePlus 6T, the app is free, but to customize the color of each notice requires a subscription.

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(PlayJ (Beta

A new app from Sony is designed to broadcast what displays on your phone of games and apps to another phone with enabled voice conversations and video with the other party.

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Widget Drawer — Use your widgets almost anywhere

This app is a list of the side windows of the widget you can access from anywhere with your phone, expect$1.

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