5 Android apps new This Week “4”

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5 تطبيقات أندرويد جديدة تُجربها هذا الأسبوع “4”5 Android apps new This Week “4”

Generally we start with you this article the periodical which will be present in weekly.

For that we use a bunch of the best new apps on shop Google Play, which of course can trade.

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1.Firefox Preview:

5 Android apps new This Week “4”

The first applications in this article, where parameters for Android users that Mozilla is currently working on replacing the browser by Firefox.

To the days before now, the introduction of a preview version as a demo version on the store Google Play.

It is supposed to submit next browser twice the speed of the Firefox browser current, while providing protection tools against the trace by default.

Not to mention the new user interface, which with it created the address bar at the bottom of the screen, with space dedicated to store links to your favorite sites, and the state of consciousness the dark and more.

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2. LastPass MFA:

Another application of the new, which takes a property “multifactor authentication” step forward, both through support to access to security measures built into Android.

Like a fingerprint reader, and face, and the patterns of your own, that works this version specifically with all of the service LastPass MFA and a LastPass Identity.

This means that you can now log in to all accounts LastPass stored through the use of a large range of security measures for the Android system.

3. Ceri Launcher:

If you are a user who like to experience all that is new in the world of apps car, and I’d experience this car new Ceri Launcher.

Of course the option to trade issued to address the appropriateness of car functioning and your personality.

Generally designed this car using the new Flutter SDK to achieve maximum performance, being a light weight tool.

So the app may not be feature-rich, but if you are using a device that old, you must be Ceri Launcher on your radar.

4. DataNinja – Boost Your Bandwidth:

Supposed to this app works to enhance the speed of the network Peca, by combining WiFi signal and cellular data.

The idea is that this combo creates a bigger bandwidth for your data, but that’s not all, as you can with this app to combine multiple devices to create a network Fog wide to the maximum speed when uploading or downloading, which is very nice.

5. Trill Project:

Other apps in this collection, which is on the application of social network provides for the safe use of during the anonymization.

In this way, you can share your deepest thoughts without fear, that is supervision in the service in some conditions.

Turn the app includes many different groups, so that you can easily find the most suitable place to publish your thoughts.

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