5 Android apps new trade for this week “10”

The date for our weekly has come, and we can with you package apps new Android available on the Google Play Store.

And of course be our great interest in this article Weekly Apps free to benefit everyone.

5 Android apps new trade for this week “10”

Not a problem in the mode-driven applications, or apps old have been discovered recently, as long as the benefit of it exist.

Generally as is the case with the previous weekly, came Android apps for this new week as follows:

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After about 4 years of having it on Windows and Linux, here’s the browser Vivaldi up the Google Play Store, and organizers have in the renewal of the concept of browsers and delivered to all tastes by integrating them into characteristics never explain what that’s done to her.

In relation to its features, it comes the full features and existing on the browser in the desktop version without any deficiency in them.

For example, there is support for multi tabs, sync bookmarks and passwords with encryption, the full “end to end”.

As well as his support for hidden feature, and Speed Dials to turn, will provide a way to quickly access to bookmarks and organize them.

And most importantly, to browser Opera focuses on security and privacy, and so what we found is really through the support of his full consultation, failure to collect data of the users.

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When we talk about integration between a mobile phone and a computer, then there needs, therefore there is a gap in the nature and style of use. Comes to apply this to fill this gap, through its support to sync your Android phone with your computer.

More specifically, sync your notifications and some of your apps, and even some of the key tools in the Android platform, with the web browser on your computer.

For example, you can with the app sync all the app notifications of your Android on the computer, and deal with it from there.

With support to compile the notifications and send them at once, and when you open any notification from the computer will know from the phone immediately.

And other tools-and-coming application with this support to send SMS messages and answer calls coming on the phone.

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Simple Keyboard

Is a short application keyboard new open source existed exclusively for Android users, the keyboard key light-weight not exceeding 1 MB, with adjustable options for colors and attributes are customizable.

In order to use this color instead of the virtual keyboard, you must enable it as a way to enter the current settings of the operator, and then it will hide the icon app launcher.

Here, to get to the settings of the keyboard, just press and hold on“, ” or go to System Settings under Language & Input.

So that from there you can set the attribute, as well as the background color of the keyboard and other features, such as vibration and sound the height of the keyboard custom styles and other preferences.

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Magi +

Want to make yourself a star in Hollywood in a fun way and easy, so be it. with the application of Magi +, where in a nutshell, is an application that lets you create videos with stunning visual effects similar to its Hollywood.

Here, submit an application or video editor Magi + a large collection of effects and cinematic ones: the natural based on the people, the Thunder and lightning, and disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and science fiction effects fiction such as UFOs.

Also, there are the effects of the Dragons and robots as well as rockets, drones, trucks, cars, helicopters, and more.

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5 Android apps new more 5 Android apps new more 5 Android apps new more

The last app in this group, where provided by the company Shao exclusively for users of Android, its mission is to remove junk files on Android devices. And by “Android devices”, this means that it supports other brands, and not organs of the Shao just.

Anyway, come Cleaner Lite to clear the cache as well as other elements which occupy storage space and memory is that and more in a smooth manner and with a single click. So if you are the type who must ensure that your device is free of files which are not necessary, they can investigate to help you in this regard.

So that the application looks in the cache and the trash packs, the installation of the old application data and the remaining and other items that occupy storage space on your device and adapted. You can always choose to keep some of the important elements for you.

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