5 Applications Games, new Android

This theme 5 apps and games new Android appeared on Engadget.

Here’s a collection of the most prominent apps and games android that appeared prominently during the last week:

Game Facter

Facter is a new puzzle game which contains a variety of puzzles, and the graphics simple, which comes to the same concept, the colors white and black existing in a game of Limbo. And even though he’s no noticeable problems when the experience of the game. However, there are some criticisms related to the control system in the game.

It is also worth mentioning that the game runs for $ 3.99 and without any additional purchases or ads within the app. So it is recommended to experience the game before the time limit expires, refund anticipation if you don’t like the control system in the game.

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Application of the Moment

Moment is a new type of Camera application. And who comes up with the same concept of the camera application in iOS and the app includes the basics like put the full manual “full manual”, and support for RAW, and a live histogram, in addition to the conditions of the various leveling, as well as supporting metadata EXIF.
But the app is missing some things, such as you can’t capture video using this app yet as it lacks some features found in the camera application operating system iOS. There are also a few code errors. But we hope that the developer improve the app over time.
And run the app for $ 1.99 without any additional purchases or ads within the app at the current time.

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Game The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead: Our World has been officially launched this week. Which is the latest game powered by augmented reality AR. Where you can roam in the real world to kill the zombies, and explore the world, collect things, engage in weekly challenges with other players. It is worth noting that this game comes with the same concept of the game Pokemon Go and Jurassic World Alive.

But unfortunately this game contains some bugs and problems with the internet connection. And who is unexpected especially that the new game is fundamentally dependent on the internet connection.

And you will be able to download the game for free but in return will pay money for and functionality or additional benefits, where that game from the category of freemium.

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Apply Carrot Weather

Carrot clock is a new application that specializes in the weather and that includes a range of features such as the feature of the daily weather and current temperatures and forecasts available every hour.
And come version possible premium with additional features such as the feature widget and feature time travel and that allows you to display the weather for up to 70 years in the past.
And of women possible for the available at a price of $ 0.99 per month and priced at $ 3.99 per year but is recommended in conjunction of the annual as it will save you the %66 of the price of the monthly subscription and that if I wanted women.

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Game Nyjah Huston: #SkateLife

Nyjah Huston: #SkateLife is the application or game the ski and which contains the graphics are decent, and a lot of tricks or skills related to the sport of skiing, as well as includes quizzes can be shared by more than one player. As you develop your skills in the game by collecting cards.
It is also worth mentioning this game is considered among the ten best games skateboarder on the mobile phone, if not among the top five.
And for the price, the game is a freemium, which you’ll be able to download and play the game for free but need to pay money for the advantages or additional skills.

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This theme 5 apps and games new Android appeared on Engadget.

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