5 apps for iPhone paid becoming free temporarily (3)

Between now and then have some apps or features paid free for a limited time, here we will have 5 apps available on Sunday 22/12/2019 free in the App Store, and knowing that these presentations introduction to the application developers without specifying the period of continuation that does not exceed usually 24 hours.

The application qualifies the child before entry to school, where they teach them English or Spanish, children can practice their skills from the alphabet, identify animals, fruits, vegetables and shapes in addition to colors.

There are many visual words to which it is possible to listen it also, to help choose a correct answer with congratulations on the good work.

Original price 1.99$ – available now for free: click here.

The application of the last measurements, where gives you a ruler to measure distances, in addition to measuring angles and height. You only need to move your phone from one point to another, and the app difference the distance or height between the two points.

Original price 5.99$ – available now for free: click here.

Use this amazing app to easily select the appropriate communication towers around you. Often these towers in sight, but at other times hiding behind the trees or above the ceilings.

This application will be useful if you’re air camping, and you footprint of the towers to facilitate the process of capturing network communication.

Original price 3.99$ – available now for free: click here.

Are you a reader of e-books is? This app will allow you to create an electronic library just like in your home, so that will be easy for you to access your e-books, with the possibility to search for any new books on e-stores.

Original price 3.99$ – available now for free: click here.

You can use this application to download various files from the internet to your device, and then browse them without an internet connection. These files include formats PDF, DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, ZIP, with support to play sounds inside the files.

The original price of 0.99$ – available now for free: click here.

Do you want to hide pictures and videos in a folder secret? No one will be able to access your files, and will allow your device to store trusted and password, or fingerprint.

Original price 2.99$ – available now for free: click here.

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