5 apps leak data Android phones and, thus, can be stopped

There are many applications that we use on the phone daily, including work on leaking data to the Android phone, here are 5 apps to work on the leak data phone Android and how to reduce them.

YouTube ” YouTube”

Is one of the most apps leak data it contains videos, it can be prevented that the registry the following steps:

  • Go to Settings, and then Background downloads, if watch videos on data it is best to do the downloading.
  • Going to Settings and through autoplay, select the “turn off autoplay video next”.
  • Through the “YouTube Red” you can download the sections desired for the show by not calling.
  • Turn off the video background, gives ” YouTube” to continue to run the videos after you close the app.

5 تطبيقات تعمل على تسريب بيانات هاتف الاندرويد5 apps to work on the leak data phone Android

Facebook ” Facebook”

For more application control to provide consumption data by:

  • Move to settings, to privacy, to switch a property data provider.
  • Choose to turn off data automatically when you use Wi-Fi will provide data.
  • Turn off videos automatically by going to Settings and then to privacy, including the settings of media contacts, including autoplay.
  • Choose the “Autoplay On Wi-fulfillment only” or “not running videos final”.
  • It is possible to use Facebook Lite, takes up less space on the phone and provide less data.

5 تطبيقات تعمل على تسريب بيانات هاتف الاندرويد 5 apps to work on the leak data phone Android

Twitter ” Twitter”

Twitter is one of the apps that work on the diversion data Android phone to reduce the registration you need the following:

  • Go to Settings then to privacy, test data for use in Twitter data.
  • It is possible to control the video and sync it, by pressing on the “high quality video” select Wi-Fi only, this will continue to Twitter about download video clips through the use of your data.

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Instagram “Instagram”

  • Move to the settings including the scroll down Account, use cellular data.
  • And then click on the use data at least to determine the setting.
  • But this would in turn upload photos and videos longer.

Netflix ” Netflix”

  • Click more and then App Settings, under video playback, click on use cellular data.
  • You’ll find it is set to automatic, do the neutralization in order to access the settings.
  • Choose Wi-Fi only video playback.
  • In case you are downloading a video to watch by setting the counting direction, you can certainly download through the Waffle days.
  • By going to the Settings app, down downloads shared Wi-Fi network.

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