5 apps new Android you should try this week “8”

The date for our weekly has come, and we can with you package apps new Android available on the Google Play Store.

And of course be our great interest in this article Weekly Apps free to benefit everyone.

5 تطبيقات أندرويد جديدة عليكم تجربتها هذا الأسبوع “8”5 apps new Android you should try this week “8”

Not a problem in the mode-driven applications, or apps old have been discovered recently, as long as interest exist.

Generally as is the case with the previous weekly, came Android apps for this new week as follows:

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The first applications in this article, which was available on iOS since 5 years from now, to be launched finally for Android users around the world.

In relation to the task the application will allow the user the possibility to import the content written observations adhesives known as “note Post-it”.

It is then supplemented by the modification over the phone, as well as organize them into collections and share with other implementation of multiple applications.

In turn, comes the application of Post-it one series is extremely easy to use, so that through it is content regulation, the import via the phone’s camera to “scan”.

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This allows you to the app power to amend every part of the interface of the operating OneUI and private phones and devices Samsung, in accordance to your desires, including some third-party apps.

It makes the application Hex Installer is easy to edit the colors of your features to each of the user interface and any application that supports it.

This means that you can change the theme on more than 60 the application of a different suit all tastes. And most importantly, that there is no need of the powers of root, or even run the commands ADB from your computer.

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VMOS is applied depends on the technique of Virtual Machine known simply as “VM” that can be installed on Linux or Android to run the Android system full another on the same device.

Thus, we can define the application that the simulator can with him as a user of Android to get the Android system another independent on your smartphone.

For example, you can take advantage of the app to install the two versions independent from the same application on the same device.

Or simply can you have the expense of two of the community achieve work life balance through a single device.

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Wake Lock RevampWake Lock Revamp

Wake Lock Revamp is an application that allows you to increase the performance of smartphones and tablets running Android.

Through the manual work on many of the parameters that affect the energy saving in the device. Also by preventing the ingredients to continue in the standby mode.

For example, this app lets you force the Power Manager “PowerManager” to keep the screen in the case of the brightness maximum or diluent.

Or keep the CPU active even in standby mode with the aim of speed up the wake up device and do the job.

Further ensure that run the Wi-Fi in the mode of full performance, ignoring the energy-saving measures if they cause problems.

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Daywise is a new application on the Google Play Store, lets you increase productivity and focus by displaying important notifications only left with the notifications of the remaining side of the sense are to be able to access them later.

Through analysis of each application installed on the phone and classify it as “immediate” or “complex”.

As the application provides the possibility to choose Times that you want to receive notifications for immediate or aggregated, such that it receives during labor or until the time predetermined by you.

Not only that, but the app also lets the possibility of knowing the city that bring in them on your smartphone, in order to find applications that relate to her a lot.

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