5 apps recommended to try after the upgrade to iOS 12

The arrival of iOS 12 work a few days ago, which you can get on iPhone 5S and iPad Mini 2 they are newer, not, the applications that benefit from the advantages and improvements the new version including these applications:

1) tests Siri

The application Workflow which was acquired by Apple now allowed shortcuts comes built for with iOS 12, allowing the user to create voice commands can be dumped on Siri to perform tasks within apps instead of opening and implementation.

To add a shortcut, open the app or go to Settings > Siri & Search > all the shortcuts and click on + sign in front of the task you want to perform and then click on the red button to record the words which he received on Siri to perform the task.

2) applications to manage passwords

Apps like Dashlane, LastPass, 1Password supports autofill feature provided with iOS 12, which means that you won’t have commuting to and from applications to transfer passwords, but while logged in on the site or the service or the application will fill the password box directly from the keyboard as data recorded on one of the applications listed.

3) TripIt

Helps you TripIt to track flights and discover restaurants nearby and parking spaces, drainage and automated, and can use it faster. create Shortcuts Siri.

4) CARROT Weather

Even though he is driven he is one of the weather apps favorite museum store, featuring its the definition of throwing the weather news. If you ask Siri about the state of the weather will show the results of the application of the default, but if you choose to install CARROT will give news of the weather, as you can customize the shortcuts to Siri.

5) PCalc

Sometimes you have to perform calculations and convert units of measurement objects or the value of the currency, which is the application of PCalc, and with iOS 12 you can create commands Siri to take advantage faster of the functionality of the application.

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