5 apps to benefit them very much review by Apple with the iPad Pro or the iPad 9.7

5 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا بالاستعانة بقلم أبل مع أجهزة iPad Pro أو iPad 9.7

5 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا بالاستعانة بقلم أبل مع أجهزة iPad Pro أو iPad 9.7

If you’re one of the people who got the iPad the New iPad 9.7 and looking for great apps to earn file with the registry of the Apple smartphone, or maybe you’re one of the collectors of the iPad Pro for a long time and looking for some experiences that take advantage of the Apple pencil well?

In both cases, we have here a list of apps that support the pen, Apple, and every case is not a complete list, but it includes the unique quality of the app and use it a lot on one way or another, which has always been the app that you are using supports the Apple pencil, and practically no limit to creativity and productivity, so let’s take a look at these apps:

MediBang Paint

Price: free

5 تطبيقات تستفيد منها كثيرًا بالاستعانة بقلم أبل مع أجهزة iPad Pro أو iPad 9.7

A drawing application that takes advantage perfectly of the Apple pencil, and when you open the app for the first time will take you on a tour detailed explain you how to work on the app, and how to overcome its interface is full of surprised, therefore, look first for the slap, it’s complicated, but to be honest the app is just that, despite the adoption of the touch group in the core, but you with time you get used to it.

As for the tools they are abundant where there are more than 100 different brush, more than 850 of backgrounds and textures to use in your drawings, and per the brief, you’ll find your creativity is endless with this app, as well as support for syncing with the cloud and its support for layers and the flexibility and speed of response and much more.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Price: free

When it comes to one of the applications of the company Adobe, it’s worth a See trade, at the same time very difficult to choose one from a range of Adobe applications creative, there are application Photoshop Express and Lightroom CC and work well, but when we talk about the great experiences using the registry Apple application Adobe Illustrator Draw will be chosen at first, it is multi-use, non-prescribed, and allows you to make graphics during the development, as well as direct participation with a range of Adobe on the computers.

Features Adobe Illustrator Draw system comprehensive management for applications with support for renaming and repeating the Merge and modify each layer separately, then there is a zoom 64X which inspires the mind to get already to fine detail, and the ability to send file and original editable to Illustrator or PSD file to Photoshop on your desktop, and of course if you subscribe to Adobe CC, you’ll find plenty of other things that you can access like a library the origins of the Creative Cloud sync cross-platform and many other capabilities.

Procreate 4

Price: 9.99$

Best drawing app Pro devices the iPad, and possibly be the bad side is its price, generally, this price is worth because of its features reserve, which is the version nearest to a certain extent with Photoshop on the desktop, which offers sketching tools the sage and allow an unlimited number of shots “doesn’t” for the project, as well as hundreds of opportunities and tools creative the other, the unique process of customizing the brush is full and save the settings as preset custom.

More importantly, and unlike every application that includes Procreate 4 interface use nice supports even nodding, for example by clicking with two fingers can undo something, or when you press three fingers can replays, moreover, allows you to Procreate 4 export your creations in a number of different file formats such as PSD, PNG, JPG, or formula Procreate Your and a tremendous of up to 16K pixels and other amazing things.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Price: free with purchases inside it.

Application of Adobe company is the second app located for Adobe in this list, the more worthy reference he’s not a foot of equality and to a large extent with Procreate in terms of a range of tools and capabilities, but the free alternative is good, and contains a number of tools are commendable, such as the preparation of the team prior and it supports pen Tilt pressure methods the usual, as well as its support for layers and export with a number of different file formats, and if you are already in the system Adobe basic the Sketch becomes a product more tempting, the Because it allows users to export PSD files with layers to your Mac or PC via Adobe Cloud and downloaded automatically in the desktop version of Photoshop.


Price: free with purchases inside it.

The last application in this list, which is one of the few apps on the Apple Store app store that allows users to create three-dimensional models as easily as with photos, the author of the two-dimensional, as well as his ability to be editor of the three-dimensional iPhone, but also all toward the novice through many of the educational programs detailed on how to work in 3D, and of course if you feel inclined to so you can skip the two-dimensional completely and jump to the third dimension of the transition.

And tools wonderful development tool which allows you to drag shapes perfect growing tool for smoothing lines which as the name implies lacking any jagged lines. Moreover, you can also export your creations to a format suitable for printing three-dimensional!

Basically, if you require access to three-dimensional models, but large programs allocated to scare you too at this stage, the uMake is a great alternative to the iPad.

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